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  1. List of mods needed for SH4
  3. Converting SH3 in SH4
  4. First SH4 Mod????
  5. Thoughts on torpedo failure
  6. Navagation Map Mods
  7. A few Sh4 modding Q's
  8. future modding of SH4
  9. [REQ] SH4 commander
  10. What will first mod be?
  11. Radio broadcasts and music
  12. Radio traffic
  13. Modding SH4 might be easier than some people think
  14. mod that includes sh3 to sh4
  15. worldwide map? atlantic?
  16. Cobia pix
  17. Thread tags
  18. Thread Tags
  19. Research Links and Discussions
  20. [REQ] look of sailors in lifeboats...
  21. SH4 Material Arsenal for Modders
  22. Members for MOD needed: Switch SH4 to German boats/Atlantic
  23. If FSAA isnt patched for sh4
  24. Converting SH3 mods to SH4
  25. Playable surface ships in SP missions possible?
  26. Start menu “Das Boot” !!!
  27. [REL] Keyboard Function Mod
  28. [REQ] Possible sound mod?
  29. Will Work on Sound Mod as Soon as I get SHIV
  30. [REL] new chronometer available
  31. [REL] Depth Charge Shake
  32. [REL] Realistic Sensors (obsolete)
  33. Editing Data Files
  34. [REL] Deadlier Aircraft v1.0
  35. [REQ] Removing the orange marker when submerged
  36. I am trying to fix the flipped lifeboat, raft problem
  37. Will JGSME work for SHIV?
  38. [REQ] 6 torpedoes for 1 medium merchant ship? Any way to fix this?
  39. [REQ] Torpedoloadings and so on
  40. [REQ] EnglishNames.cfg or equivalent
  41. [TEC] Graphics Editing...
  42. [TEC] Adding New Ships to SHIV?
  43. Increase subs speed submerged with config?
  44. Porting SH3 ships to SH4 is possible! :)
  45. [REQ] Radio Broadcasts
  46. [TEC] File structure
  47. [TEC] Crew Qualities
  48. MultiSH4
  49. [REL] Gato re-color
  50. Disabling "Ambient" music while keeping gramaphone
  51. [TEC] Anybody been able to edit the .dat and .act files yet?
  52. Download free .dds graphic file converter here...
  53. Someone needs to contact Time Traveller
  54. [TEC] My short 'how to guide' to converting SH4 .dds texture files for modding
  55. [REQ] MOD needed for slowing down clouds and free-cam.
  56. Silent Hunter 4 UI overhaul needed
  57. [REQ] Someone to make a crew voice mod
  58. Is it possible to have two threads for SH4 a WIP and RELZ thread
  59. [REQ] Free cam going higher
  60. [REL] Changed HUD Lamp Color
  61. [REQ] Sensor mods
  62. [REL] Pearl Harbour Menu Ver 0.1
  63. I take it that JSGME will work with SH4
  64. [REQ] Run Silent Run Deep Mod?
  65. [REQ] Bearing compass sub marker on map like sh3 mod
  66. Name=Captains_bed_view?
  67. [WIP] Das Boot Moments mod
  68. [TEC] Will these mods work with Patches?
  69. [REQ] Medals & Ranks?
  70. Here's how to remove the non-functional sea plants and sea bed rocks...
  71. [REQ] helpfiles
  72. [REQ] Help deciphering menu_1024_768.ini
  73. [REL] SH4 - Flavored to Taste (Updated 12 Apr. 07)
  74. increasing renown
  75. Hats Off Guys
  76. [REL] --->Ultimate SoundMod<---
  77. [TEC] SHZoneEditor.act
  78. how moddable is SH4?
  79. [TEC] I found some sub equipment malfunction files
  80. I found a gold mine of new moddable files. Check it out!
  81. Sticky
  82. [REL] H.M.S. Repulse for SH4
  83. [REL] 360 Bearing Tool for SH4
  84. 3D capture with OpenGLExtractor
  85. Should mods only be installed when in port?
  86. How to Create Mods?
  87. [WIP] Historically Accurate Missions/Patrols
  88. [REQ] Select class in Submarine School?
  89. [WIP] for work-in-progress mod ENTER=TC X 1
  90. [WIP] SHIII Merchants for SHIV
  91. [REQ] Screenshot friendly external cam
  92. GWX modders, how did you randomize the gramophone tracks?
  93. Anyone make a Attack Map TGA for SH4 yet?
  94. A small plea to all you amasing modders.
  95. Navimap mod?
  96. Do Any Of You Guy Know What The Pic On The Desk Does?
  98. [REQ] captain's log: remove old messages
  99. TWO Deck Guns.... how to man them?
  100. [REL] Harder Enemy Escorts- Better Sensors
  101. [TEC] How do I decrease the range of following spectating camera?
  102. Recognition manual update for critical areas??
  103. [REQ] A updated minitweaker
  104. JCwolf & SH4 Graphics!
  105. Setkeys works with SH4 here's how
  106. [REQ] Sea effects reduction mod (FPS)
  107. High res
  108. [REL] Captain Midnight's CBS News Mod NEWS AS IT HAPPENS!!!
  109. [REQ] Surface motion MOD?
  110. GWX + SHIV = Grey Ninjas?
  111. [WIP] Sh4 Spysat 1.2
  112. [REQ] Longer battery life
  113. [WIP] Old time radio entertainment station
  114. So does this game need an RUb mod?
  115. Bind a key to enable 8192 tc ?
  116. [WIP]River Class conversion
  117. [REQ] atlantic mod
  118. [REQ] Randomising program
  119. [REL] Ship ID assistance by WO
  120. Swastika Mod
  121. RE-: Buttons on Task Bar
  122. [REL]2 More Warships!!!
  123. [REQ] Remove the Ticket thing?
  124. [REQ] Changing radio washington to many small stations
  125. [REL] Retro Navmap Tools
  126. [REQ] Algae/Plankton Reduction
  127. Is There A Mod Or Fix For The Ship-Rec-Manual?
  128. [WIP] Radio Honolulu
  129. Altering "stock" keymap -
  130. Fix's to NavMap - Scrolling
  131. [TEC] Radio Questions
  132. [REL] Radio Honolulu radio station mod
  133. [REL] Mini-chronometer
  134. [REL] Dark Sil tga's for the Recognition Manual
  135. [REQ] Nomometer for navmap (like the GW NYGM thing)
  136. [REL] Fix for Navmap Scrolling in v1.1, for those who don't want to manually edit.
  137. Release mods in JGSME compatible format please
  138. Modversion 1.0 or 1.1?
  139. Need help please. Trying to fix short submerged range.. need stats
  140. [REQ] Message Box ????
  141. Flotilla.cfg
  142. [TEC] dds files - UMark
  143. [REL] Old time radio entertainment station
  144. Airstrike.cfg
  145. "Bigazz" Stop Watch
  146. A humbel wish, around mod's forum
  147. [REL] Fewer radio messages
  148. *** List of Modifications *** (Updated Mar 8, 2008)
  149. [REL] jimimadrid's HUD
  150. [WIP] Added Catalina to SH4
  151. [REL] No Intro Mod
  152. [REQ] AoB trainer - stand alone
  153. [REQ] more realistic sound effects
  154. My radio playing tips (how-to)
  155. [REQ] Assisted Plotting Mod for SHIV
  156. Too many enemy aircraft...
  157. [TEC] Command room free camera
  158. [TEC] Flag editing
  159. @ Beery.
  160. (TEC) How do I change the picture on the desk?
  161. [REQ] Sentimental Journey
  162. [REQ]menu_1024_768
  163. [REL] Gato Ss-272 Redfin Skin
  164. [REL] Increased Crush Depths
  165. The Atlantik Modding Crew - Forum is online!
  166. [REL] Mini Tweaker Sensor file
  167. [REQ] Non-popping up gauges/compass with relative bearings
  168. [REQ] need tweak file for Torpedoes_US.sim
  169. [REL] All sub.sim tweak files for TT Mini Tweaker
  170. Sonar & Radar Screens
  171. [TEC]Guys Please Help A Radio Challenged Captain
  172. [TEC] Here's the link to an important SH4 modding tool
  173. [REL] Realistic Battery Life
  174. Problem with radio playback overlap!
  175. wrong sub name
  176. [REQ] Cameras.dat Tweak File
  177. Has anyone found problems.....
  178. [REL] RetroNavMapTools - Jiims NavMapTools - Aces Colored Menu Bar (Combined)
  179. [REQ] Stop showing contact type colors on Nav Map
  180. Is there a fix for the bad wakes or whatever it is!
  181. [REQ] patch up damaged hulls
  182. [REQ] DUD Torpedo Modelling
  183. [TEC] Editing map 'marks' with text and notes - anyone worked this out?
  184. [REQ] Realistic Ship Sinking Times
  185. [REQ] Mod request: Jettison debris in place of decoys
  186. SH3 Color Inspector Program work on SH4??
  187. [REQ] Japanese Damage Alarm
  188. Crew Dying bug: Possible reason
  189. Modders - here's an idea
  190. WIP (Hollywood Pacific Special Effects)
  191. [REQ] Night filter for recognition manual?
  192. Are all mods for SH4 JSGME compliant
  193. [REL] Harder to destroy sub equipment
  194. [WIP??] SD Radar fix?
  195. [REQ] Dive & surface Mod
  196. [WIP] Changing radio washington to many small stations
  197. Little help please
  199. [REL] New Torpedo Explosion and attack siren sound
  200. JGSME question
  201. [REQ] stop sinking like a brick
  202. Will A Mod That Turns All Contacts Grey, No Blue And Red, Also Fix This ..Pic In Side
  203. Editing Campaign Missions
  204. [REL] Real Medals v1.00
  205. [WIP] Earlier Campaign Start Date
  206. Wave settings, just FYI
  207. [WIP] Gato light grey w/ rust
  208. [TEC] Can you mod the 8000m visibility range?
  209. [REL] Ship.sim Tweak Files
  210. [REQ] Conning Tower damage bugfix
  211. [REL] Aircraft .sim and .zon Tweak Files for SH4
  212. Everyone, I have a request regarding Tweak File.. requests
  213. Wondering about possible Japanese mod?
  214. [REL] Real Fleet Boat mod kicks off
  215. Wolfies Tweak Pack
  216. Research Thread - IJN vs. Allied ASW
  217. [TEC] Can I edit the map?
  218. Research Thread - USN vs. KM
  219. [REQ] ...remove the incorrect anti-erosion spikes
  220. [REQ] Big Dials Mod for SH4
  221. @Ndrifter
  222. [WIP] Where to find TEXT files for Modification
  223. [REL] Dark background for Recognition Manual
  224. [TEC] Best dds for idiots application?
  225. EXPERTS AT EDIT CONFIG - make object stay?
  226. [REQ] Nomograph
  227. [REQ] ...remove the plastic hardhats
  228. [REL] Torpedo Data Tooltip
  229. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery (or hey, the devs stole my idea!)
  230. [REL] Battle stations & Silent Running on all HUD stations
  231. [REQ] Mod IJN CVs to remove aircraft from flight deck
  232. [WIP] - SH4 War Journal
  233. [REQ] Change "flotilla" to "squadron" or "division"
  234. [TEC] GWX Sound Issue
  235. [TEC] Chronometer Sound?
  236. [WIP] Less Cargo Traffic- More Coastal Fishing Boats
  237. [WIP] New Balao / Gato Skins
  238. [REQ] Bad Weather Guns
  239. [REQ] Can anybody mod the box?
  240. [REL] Stormy Seas Sub Gun Fix
  241. Warnews.upc - where do these show up?
  242. [TEC] Questions on U.S. Navy ratings
  243. [REL] The Pacific Theater 1941-1945 Map by IIElohimII
  244. Modding Torps and guns
  245. [TEC]Modifying mods
  246. [TUT] Basic Balao skinning video
  247. [WIP] thermocline refraction effect
  248. Moon too yellow?
  249. The Depth Gauge Blues
  250. [REL] Tweaked air strikes