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  1. Killerfish's next title: Cold Waters is announced!
  2. Cold Waters dev interview on RPS
  3. New Cold Waters Screenshots
  4. Cold Waters: Ports
  5. Cold Waters Update: Narwhal
  6. Cold Waters Gameplay Media?
  7. Future Development
  8. Latest info on COLD WATERS?
  9. WW2 mod for Cold waters?
  10. Rock Paper Shotgun preview
  11. The wait
  12. Cold Waters release trailer
  13. Cold Waters: Tactics & Tips + printable key reference
  14. Countdown to Launch
  15. To buy Cold Waters: Link to Cold Waters Steam page
  16. New video: Cold Water Intro
  17. 60's sub tactics
  18. Cold Waters Available on Steam
  19. Cold Waters: Is there an interior view?
  20. My third victim
  21. Cold Waters: Screenshots & Videos
  22. Cold Waters: Discord Server
  23. Released! The first review please!?
  24. Win10
  25. Sub vs Sub warfare is ruthless
  26. Which Units are drivable?
  27. Mine avoidance help.
  28. Cold Waters in the hand of an ex USS Philadelphia SSN 690 crew
  29. Periscope depth? Am I missing something?
  30. Having Fun. Questions...
  31. Towed Array?
  32. visual suggestions
  33. Ha Ha....Torpedoes are silly!
  34. Is the MOSS a real thing?
  35. MK16 torpedoes
  36. Understanding sensor information in signature analysis
  37. Unable to repair my sub
  38. A real Red Storm Rising descendant.
  39. Mk37 sluggish?
  40. Camera
  41. Can't save game mid battle?
  42. cant rearm noise makers
  43. Is it me or the game is a little bit too easy?
  44. Campaign question
  45. A simple question to devs regarding difficulty
  46. Any chance we can dock and leave port in 3-D?
  47. Amphibous Mission unbeatable!!
  48. Leave mission?
  49. Bears are too effective?
  50. Petition for developer (suggestions)
  51. No NATO fleet in this title?
  52. Is the a way to get rid of this black bar?
  53. No Anechoic Coating On US Subs?
  54. Subject discussion: detecting a contact's depth
  55. Changing depth creates detectable noise?
  56. Change submarine selection before mission starts
  57. Reshade profile for CW
  58. JSGME
  59. Love the Modability of this game
  60. We're getting a Seawolf
  61. Cold Waters wallpapers
  62. [MOD] Playable Russian Submarines
  63. SUBSIM: Cold Waters review - A new wave with an old flavor
  64. Beta 1.01 available on Steam
  65. TO dev team
  66. CH products fighterstick and pro throttle
  67. TLAM Strikes?
  68. Realism mod (discussion)
  69. Were are the submarines skins located?
  70. tankers and tenders interception mission keeps failing
  71. How many torpedoes does it take to sink a Typhoon?
  72. Unit reference outside the game?
  73. Fly by camera view?
  74. Crush depths/cavitation tables for all different types of subs?
  75. Curious
  76. Cold waters in budget laptop
  77. Advice for 1968 Sturgeon
  78. Video: Stirring the hornet's nest
  79. How to sink Kirov?
  80. Signature Help
  81. Borderless Window Mode
  82. RE: Mod for adding more torp capacity
  83. How do you Narwhal?
  84. AI Unlimited Ammo?
  85. Mission Timer
  86. Dead Subs not Dead?
  87. Background Reading
  88. Deep Diving sounds.
  89. Mods/jsgme..
  90. New HUD interfaces
  91. availability
  92. Decided to Jump In and Buy
  93. Seal Team insertion in Narvik? Impossible
  94. Time Compression auto stop
  95. AI ideas and suggestions_no whining etc
  96. Some questions and a bug report?
  97. ... --- ...
  98. Dumb down
  99. Dead Units?
  100. Too close of the hit = flooding?
  101. TMA Logic
  102. Campaign Map Time Progression
  103. AI Torpedo Detection in Baffles
  104. To DEVS, a potential hint for fixed wings bug
  105. Campaign
  106. distance scale?
  107. List of test depths for playable subs (1.01b)
  108. V 1.02 beta improves target ID
  109. Dear DEV's
  110. Request video 8th mission "The Narvik Caper".
  111. Please model a port in real time.
  112. Is there a reference guide for all the in-game Soviet units?
  113. 1968 Campaign 1.02B Port bug?
  114. Mk16 Torpedo - Pattern Running?
  115. Am I In Trouble
  116. A Cold Waters question
  117. Shhhh....I'm hunting Alfas
  118. An Excellent Cold Waters Gameplay Video
  119. When you complicate ordinary things by yourself but then the unexpected happens
  120. Ship Recognition Manual Coming
  121. Key Commands
  122. Beta 1.03 Now Available
  123. No Internet Connection
  124. you didnt waste any time!!
  125. Sea Lance
  126. Such a shame that there is no MP
  127. Roccat Powergrid for Cold Waters
  128. 21:9 Screen Re-position HUD Elements
  129. minimum requirements
  130. Swimming in the Sea....under the sea?
  131. Question Re. SSN 688 model
  132. My 688 must have a squeek
  133. Mission 5 Kirov...when silly mistakes are made but you manage it very well
  134. Looks interesting
  135. Possibly a bug with the distance scale
  136. Campaign question: SSBN search
  137. Is SMS Comp A Cheat? And a detection question
  138. save games
  139. Rearming in the Campaign?
  140. 1.04 incoming!
  141. Things you like about CW, Things you don't like.
  142. Mods available, and recommended?
  143. Quick Reference Guide
  144. Anyone finished the Campaign?
  145. 68 or 84?
  146. Worth Buying ?
  147. DLC Cold Waters - Soundtrack?
  148. How restore Default configuration
  149. weapons reference guide
  150. Help with some commands Please
  151. Got a few gameplay questions/discussion
  152. Sonar Strength
  153. How to how to sink the Moskva...and live
  154. SP mission 7 - bug enemies submarines below floor?!
  155. Seal insertion bug
  156. Sub assignment tool (campaign)
  157. Lost SOSUS
  158. Shipwrecks?
  159. A video that might be helpful to better analyze shadow zone, specially for newcomers
  160. Sonar on older boats...
  161. Destroyer bait in '58
  162. Future DLC, expansion ideas?
  163. Cold Waters game reviews
  164. Midship Torp Tube Launch Speed
  165. Suggestion: Torpedo Crush Depth
  166. Cold Waters #6 on Steam
  167. Blew Up My Own Sub
  168. A bit of issues, needs fix.
  169. Night Vision Problem
  170. This is a first
  171. The Love Of Stalking
  172. I love this game!
  173. TIL: AI Surface vessels can succumb to flooding.
  174. Mismatched mission results
  175. Missing Yankee submarine and Kotlin destroyer in Signature (NO BUG)
  176. Is The Periscope Useless On Elite Difficulty?
  177. For the love of all that is holy, can we get time to stop in port?
  178. When Do They End The Chase?
  179. [FEATURE REQUEST] Launch sounds from Map
  180. Typhoon refuse to die !!
  181. [BUG] 2nd damage fixes previous damage.
  182. Problem Launching Weapons
  183. 1.05 in progress
  184. Couple of doubts I have.
  185. TLAM strike mission
  186. Cold Waters with crew voices
  187. Err Victor III using stand off airborne torpedos?
  188. Cold Waters Contest: Post your CW tagline here and win a Subsim t-shirt- Winners
  189. Tactical map water colors
  190. Zoom in on Campaign Map
  191. TLAM Woes
  192. Torpedos Should NOT Detect and Home on Sunkin Vessels.
  193. How long does it REALLY take to reload torpedo tubes?
  194. [Dev] Torp wire breakage mechanic clarification.
  195. Seeing undetected torpedoes, aircraft and ASW missiles?
  196. NATO ASW exercise starts today
  197. [Suggestion]Please allow us to start farther off than 25 KYD!
  198. Hunting subs in '68
  199. Why no periscope below 50 ft?
  200. Wait for it
  201. Did the soviets have their own version of the MOSS?
  202. Please Implement Message Log
  203. Active Sonar Identification
  204. AI strange escort behaviour
  205. Hull Numbers?
  206. Macbook users, one question
  207. Version 1.06 Beta Available
  208. Are there specific triggers for the endgame?
  209. Topo charts?
  210. Joystick Support?
  211. Torpedo Fuel Remaining as % from activation?
  212. UI Fix Request: Timer, Enter in menus
  213. Thank you devs...
  214. Help a CW Noob?
  215. Finding the typhoon?
  216. Quick and dirty 688i
  217. Whats the problem with new models?
  218. 2004 Campaign Update uploaded in the Downloads Gameplay Mods section.
  219. Couple of bugs possibly?
  220. [BUG] Two mission failed in a row
  221. Cold Waters in French
  222. History questions..
  223. My ten rules for torpedo evasion
  224. [Possible bug] Sensor comparison
  225. Questions for the devs.
  226. Mod Tools ? Merging Overrides?
  227. Installing mods on a mac
  228. List of playable vessels?
  229. Maybe its my imagination but....
  230. Any plans for neutral or civilian traffic?
  231. Soviet subs tactics
  232. My own mk48 got me.
  233. Lost All Voices
  234. Cold Waters tactic questions
  235. It was only a matter of time....
  237. [BUG] Unable to view own sub
  238. Enemy Subs Under Sea Floor
  239. How fast can you go and still fire a tube?
  240. re pause Button
  241. I can't get into this game
  242. Watch Replay Feature
  243. Bathymetric lines...
  244. New to the Forum, Need Some Help
  245. Suggestion to the developers: Save feature?
  246. Sub always going slow on the strategic map
  247. 8 tubes still not working
  248. Last SSBN Hunt Mission '84 Campaign - Beware!
  249. Return To Base
  250. Imperial Miles or Nautical Miles?