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  1. Is Cold Waters moddable? Yes, yes it is.
  2. Wanna drive a specific boat of a class?
  3. Download for Playable 688(i) Improved Los Angeles class mod
  4. Reduced visibility mod posted
  5. mission editor?
  6. [Scenario] Gatekeeper
  7. Disable Campaign 'Limits'
  8. [REL] Playable Russian Subs
  9. [REL] Los Angeles Flt II/III VLS mod
  10. [REL] [Scenario] Tinker, Tailor, Sailor, Spy
  11. [TEC] Modding Cold Waters: Tips, guides, FAQ, How to Upload and Resources
  12. Sea bottom depth moddable?
  13. [REL] [Scenario] The Bear and Rugged Staff
  14. [REL] RiboysterMOD: Refined Sonar and Countermeasures
  15. [WIP] Riboyster's Surface Units
  16. Man and cargo in Water
  17. SSNX Seattle Class
  18. Music Folder
  19. NATO and Russian Themed Hud mod
  20. SSBN/SSGN modding?
  21. JSGME and Cold Waters
  22. zyx - Question about your "sim_main.ogg" file
  23. [TEC] Do you have a mod for Cold Waters and you want to host it at Subsim? Here's how!
  24. Adding / Editing 3D Models in Cold Waters
  25. Stinger Missile Possible?
  26. Installing multiple mods
  27. CW mods for Mac
  28. Mods and modders
  29. [REL] Campaign Map Waypoints Norweigan Sea
  30. Seawolf? Akula?
  31. [REL] 1984 Extended Campaign
  32. Mod trouble
  33. Realism
  34. [TEC] Mission Builder
  35. Royal Navy
  36. Mission and prefixes
  37. Seawolf Text Files Mod Request
  38. Other Weapons Mod
  39. surface to air
  40. [REL] Custom Missions
  41. Cold Waters retro UI released
  42. Forum wide discussion about compiling mods into a bumper pack
  43. Surface transparency?
  44. [WIP] Soviet Campaign (North Atlantic 1984)
  45. [WIP] Improved Crew Voices Mod
  46. [WIP] NORTH ATLANTIC 2004 Campaign
  47. Has anyone encountered the Flying Sub in their MODS?
  48. [REL] Improved Crew Voices
  49. [REL] Shadow's Mods
  50. [WIP] Russian accent crew voice mod
  51. [WIP] "Omitted American submarines"
  52. [TEC] SUBROC/ Sea Lance?
  53. We have so many great little community mods here - we should discuss a mod team
  54. [WIP] All playable ships
  55. [REL] Permit and LA available boats mod
  56. [HELP] A few questions about modding?
  57. [WIP] UK Subs (Part of PRS Mod)
  58. [TEC] Fixing your campaign's TLAM and insertion
  59. Help creating custom, fictional SSGN
  60. How do I upload a mod for Cold Waters?
  61. New Enhanced Navigation Map
  62. New Zones
  63. Stacking/combining mods in the game.
  64. Applying Russian Campaign Mod
  65. Can't add modes to MOSS and Mk 16
  66. Which Mods are you stacking/combining and having luck with?
  67. [WIP] Realism mod
  68. pls combine the "2004 campaign" with the "new subs" mod
  69. If you can't add 3D models yet, then why rush the mod out?
  70. [REL] Another Background For Tactical Map
  71. Add pumpjet ducts to your ships.
  72. A way of sharing files for multiple mods working together?
  73. Regarding the Virginia class.
  74. request:more enemyes in the water
  75. Sub Cavitation Parameters?
  76. Resizing HUD
  77. Understanding the X, Y, and Z
  78. Running all torps of the same period at the same speed.
  79. (Request) Free Roam Mod
  80. [WIP] Red Storm Rising FREE ROAM mod
  81. [WIP] Fictional Submarine "Moljnir"
  82. How To Mod question: adding new sub
  84. Ohio Class ballistic missile submarine
  85. Canadian Subs?
  86. [WIP] KM Moljnir, final tweaks.
  87. Submarine models in vanilla/moded cold waters
  88. Increase enemy ships
  89. Compass rose and range rings for 2d map
  90. Helm, Depth, and Sensor Menu Issues with Soviet Campaign Mod
  91. triple screen mod for Cold waters
  92. Awards in CW
  93. Tactical Map Disply
  94. Starting loadout
  95. Sonarfrequencies?
  96. Location of tube jam parameters?
  97. Underwater Geography
  98. Passive acquisition range?
  99. [WIP] 1962 Campaign
  100. Longer Sinking time and debris
  101. [WIP] Cold waters Harder difficulty mod
  102. Increase random spawns
  103. Resizing panels in HUD
  104. Russian Campaign graphics bugger
  105. cold ewaters
  106. Dammit killerfish
  107. The 'MissionTypes' trigger in campaign_data file
  108. Insertion & Land Strike mission: Coordinates please!
  109. Playable Sub Mod
  110. The New Playable Subs & More Mod freezing
  111. New Cold Waters update.
  112. Yasen Class Sub makable?
  113. trying to mod for the first time in this game
  114. Depth Weapons & Aircraft Clarification
  115. [REQ]Sub Interiors?
  116. Ship Helicopters
  117. Suggested mods for new player please.
  118. Audio Mod - Seawolf EY circuit
  119. Royal Navy ORBAT
  120. Sea Quest sub request.
  121. Multiple installs?
  122. Adding torpedoes
  123. Sonar Sound Mod
  124. No AI evasion against Sea Lance Torpedo
  125. [WIP] Cold waters Harder difficulty mod
  126. Cold Waterīs Mapīs Pacific
  127. Soviet campaign dosen't work
  128. Tube jam settings?
  129. [REL] New Playable Subs & More Mod
  130. North Atlantic 2000
  131. [WIP] Torpedo Launch
  132. Playing with changing own sub characteristics
  133. Submarine mines, if need
  134. My Vessel Has No wake?!
  135. Is anyone aware of file folder structure differences between STEAM and GOG versions?
  136. Poseidon (Status-6) torpedo video
  137. What Mods are still relevant please?
  138. [WIP] HOw to do install SH3 commander
  139. Idly modding.
  140. Missing Seahawk, Sea King, Lynx
  141. Conflicting orders/assignments
  142. [WIP] How to add torpedo tubes to a sub?
  143. Sea Waypoint Coordinates - What is the Third Number For?
  144. Vessel config file help - what is TubeConfig for?
  145. Help requested: Can I apply CW Mods if I used GOG not Steam?
  146. Self-Inflicted Editing Wound
  147. MK50 torp/Sea Lance
  148. Tiny mod: reload indicator
  149. Questions about Playable Subs mod and modding in general
  150. [REL] Wirebreak Mod (assembly code modding)
  151. Not Sure If This is Worthy of Mention
  152. Any mod that gives accurate deep water depths?
  153. Ok, so I copied it over...
  154. SSGN conversion for Delta III & Yankee SSBN
  155. 1986 North Atlantic Campaign mod?
  156. New Playable Subs & More MOD
  157. Question about sensors.txt file
  158. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea sub mod
  159. Surface unit mod?
  160. World map mod and im tearing my hair out.
  161. How to make torpedoes to guide at "noisemakers"
  162. Is it possible to move torpedo interface
  163. Number of mods loaded
  164. Akulas have 14 tubes
  165. [REL] Spanish TMOD
  166. How to tweak torp behavior?
  167. [REL] Playable Whale
  168. Modding Campaign Question - Random replay of intro events
  169. Cold Waters Epic Mod 2.12
  170. Mod decision for Cold Waters
  171. General Alarm mod
  172. Torpedoes and false targets
  173. Epic Mod: Coming soon
  174. CW How about seeing the crew lower life boats?
  175. Playable Subs Mod Difficulty