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  1. Spaxs SH4:Uboat Missions SPEECH FIX
  2. [Rel]Download snorkel for SH4:Uboat missions type9
  3. [REL] Enable starting XVIII U-Boat in Career
  4. [REL] DAS BOOT MUSIC for uboat 1.5
  5. [REL] Operation Monsun
  6. Torpedo Dials for Attack Peri & UZO for German Boats
  7. [REL]GermanWWII Gramophone Kaleuns edition V1.5
  8. [REQ] Scharnhorst/Bismarck
  9. [Rel] UBM Type IX D2 High Res Skins
  10. [REL] German 20mm Crosshair Fix
  11. [WIP]Tomi's VIIC/41 High Res in SH4 seas
  12. [Preview] Mediterranean Campaign Modpack (very heavy pics)
  13. Typ XVIII AA turret : how do you change it/ get rid of it?
  14. [REL-UBM] Visual fix for U-boote sensors
  15. [REL] Deutschland class CA High Res Texture set
  16. SH4 ATO Mods forum - Readme 8/12/08
  17. Operation Monsun 3.01 problem
  18. [WIP] Uboat skin pack
  19. [REL] Open Hatch Mod For Type 9
  20. [REQ] German surface mod= KMS Bismarck, KMS Scharnhorst, KMS Prinz Eugen
  21. New torpedo colors - any interest?
  22. Do you remember?
  23. VIIC Wake
  24. HK Atlantis
  25. Yet again! another glitch in my game.
  26. [REL] Type IXD2 divetime fix for Stock SH4
  27. Is there an XXI mod
  28. Flags
  29. Atlantic Campaign for SH4 release
  30. [REL] Enable stock Uboats in Multiplayer mode
  31. [WIP] Alternative recon manual
  32. Where is the periscope mask??
  33. General Apology To Affected Creators (ca-24 Pack)
  34. how do I get rid of that Giant sonar!!!
  35. Operation Monsun V400 “Action in the North Atlantic” open beta test.
  36. Torpedo Problem
  37. Making detection by a/c more difficult.
  38. (TEC) Why not turn my Bismarck?
  39. U Boat ultimate sounds mod?
  40. [REL]OM V40X Beta
  41. [REL]BISMARCK now playable!!!!
  42. [REL] Scope deckgun obs scope & tbt background masks
  43. [WIP]Littorio Battleship /playable/
  44. JSGME question
  45. SH3 vs SH4 Atlantic campaign comparsion
  46. [WIP] König Bismarck
  47. GWX Mod Team Change of Command
  48. Achtung! Achtung! Conning towers are repaired!
  49. TheGreyWolves.com!
  50. No crew, Walther XVIII????
  51. Warship mod on the horizon?
  52. [REQ] Hi-Res textures for Yamato1's playable Bismarck
  53. Mines
  54. Changing Crew Size
  55. Achtung! Achtung! Type Seven conning towers
  56. Atlantic Campaign for SH4: new release
  57. [SRC] wartime tonnage claims for german aces - need sources
  58. [REL] R.U.I.M.v1.0 for SH4 v1.4 & 1.5
  59. [TEC] Uboat Torpedo Loadout fix
  60. 2 New issues in my SH4
  61. ACHTUNG! ACHTUNG! Con-tower fix is done!
  62. pls Help noob editing torpedo speed.
  63. What is ATO??
  64. Type II stuff
  65. [WIP/REQ] Playable Warships and Cargos
  66. atlantis flag change?
  67. the U-Boot pop out of the water , please help
  68. [REQ] Playable Wilhelm Gustloff
  69. [PERFORMACE-TIP] low frame rate in ruff seas
  70. Captain in the conning tower
  71. [REL] BB Littorio playable
  72. [REL]KMS Scharnhorst playable
  73. [REL]KMS Hipper
  74. [REL] Sea Otter's German Office for ATO
  75. [WIP] Mittel-U Class Uboat
  76. Odd-looking German Cap
  77. VIIc as an optional boat?
  78. [REL] SS Horai. A large Old Liner.
  79. New paint job for the Type 7
  80. I lost my IXD skin...
  81. [WIP] Troop Ship
  82. Mod for Suffication Problem
  83. [REQ] New skin for my playable ship
  84. [Req/Help]
  85. [REL] My Playable Ships
  86. GWX4
  87. BBC Radio 1939 to 1945 MOD
  88. Swastika mod for OP Munsun (beta1)
  89. [REL] Girl in every port, Kaluens edition
  90. [WIP]IJN Shokaku playable
  91. VIIC d/l
  92. Tirpitz Voraus!
  93. Achtung! Modellers
  94. Good News about the flicker!
  95. 1.5 Alberich camo paint for IXD2
  96. HELP with Admiral Scheer
  97. NEW SHIP!
  98. High Res Skins
  99. A quarm request
  100. [WIP] Armed Merchant Cruiser / Hilfskreuzer Mod
  101. Looking for a mod
  102. Help With My Mod
  103. for Mikhayl 3dsmax question
  104. Gun damage!?
  105. (REL) Free weapons & Upgrades
  106. The Black Corvette, or Missing Textures
  107. Screenshots for all A.T.O. Mods
  108. [REL] Atlantic Grid
  109. Help with my AMC mod!
  110. Just a question
  111. Cold war mod off the radar?
  112. Anyone know the German ships in GWX3/4 and in OP Monsun?
  113. [WIP] Kriegsmarine Mod
  114. [WIP] Royal Navy Mod
  115. Any water mod ?
  116. Op monsoon hunting grounds
  117. Rudder destroyed = Game Over
  118. Recognition manual question
  119. Your Problems with Silent Fire
  120. German Medal Progression, Graphics?
  121. Emblems.upc
  122. Surface Warfare Mod Team
  123. [REQ] 3D torpedo-room: Any modder interested in finishing it?
  124. Enemies of Germany in the Help mod
  125. Who are the baddies?
  126. To all modders
  127. T-Shirt.
  128. Snokelling and batteries NOT charging
  129. [WIP] Two German Radio Stations
  130. GWX 4.0?
  131. [REL]OM v400 Uboat Damage Model
  132. [REL] Kriegsmarine Chart Colour Mod
  133. question re. environment mods
  134. U-boat the periscope too bright at night
  135. What controls the weather??
  136. How to fix pitch and roll of U-boot on waves ?
  137. UZO question
  138. Snorkel detection
  139. AI flack gunners shooting angle
  140. Periscopes
  141. WWII German radios website
  142. Behavior of the submarine in SH4
  143. Trigger Maru bugs?
  144. Lürssen shipyard active anew !
  145. [REL] Trans-Atlantic Radio Mod
  146. Request for clarity re GWX4 thread
  147. Glitch in Type IXD?
  148. BB USS North Carolina sinks like a rock!
  149. Current mods for SH4 UBM (updated 2 Mar 2009)
  150. Edit file campaign in SHIV
  151. Any[wip]Panama Canal Zone Implamented Mod
  152. Destroyers More Aggressive
  153. issues with the stock 1.5 game that need fixing
  154. Need more Convoys
  155. What happened to the SH IV Atlantic Theater Mod the spanish dudes put out?
  156. Current position of the GWX team re:SH4
  157. [REQ] Proper Foul Weather Gear for U Boat Crews
  158. I need some answers
  159. [WIP]Operation Monsun V500
  160. Where is German's Capt picture?
  161. Downloadable VIIB U-boote Skin
  162. Jpg to DDS how?
  163. Calling in support
  164. [WIP] Killer Liner Mod
  165. Conning tower emblems?
  166. A friend was in London last week and took these Pics of HMS Belfast.
  167. I was just thinking.....
  168. Shooting in the Rain
  169. Auto-Targeting --
  170. ..Dreams about realism tweaks in GWX4..
  171. [WIP] The Offical Post of The Surface Warfare Super-Mod
  172. SH4-24F, Royal and KM mods, Atlantic Theater....
  173. [WIP]Operation Monsun V600
  174. Something I found Rr: GWX 4
  175. i need help finding a mod for camera fix [event cam]
  176. HMAS Australia (WW1-era Battlecruiser)
  177. integrating OM in RFB?
  178. poll: would you like to see RFB or TMO combined with the campaign mods like OM?
  179. Sir, Ship contact 200m closing.
  180. A GWX for SHIV?
  181. Get rid of the 10.5 cm gun?
  182. (REL) The Locks of Kiel-Holtenau and Brunsbuettel for SH4_1.5_Ops_Monsun_V600
  183. [REQ] Type XXi boat
  184. What can I do?
  185. May 29, 1940
  186. [REL] U-jagd Chrono
  187. How to change Flak guns?
  188. [WIP] Type VIID and mining laying in SH4
  189. Problem with textures- Help needed!
  190. Sound question about TMO
  191. about TMO/RSRDC
  192. U boats
  193. scapa flow
  194. scapa flow
  195. mad glitch
  196. Changing the 3D Officers-Room?
  197. [QUE] Which Atlantic-Mod is the best at the moment?
  198. [QUE] Best Mods-Combination?
  199. Intro for U-Boat War. (Operation Monsun)
  200. Attack map : what files is it linked to ?
  201. PRE-REL: IXd2 skin
  202. Petroleum!
  203. [REL] Radio Köln E52 (Skin)
  204. GWX mod in SH4
  205. NEWS!
  206. op drumbeat
  207. How to remove custom skins?
  208. Intro for U-Boot Mission (new)
  209. Some Fleet Boat mods may apply to UBM
  210. modders
  211. Distance measurements
  212. Need help Installing Operation Monsun!
  213. TwistyPeriscopeThingyMod for SH4
  214. Play as a German
  215. SH4 Basic cfg
  216. Estimating course at long range
  217. help
  218. german engines too easily destroyed - tweak possible ?
  219. No Close Airfields for reconoissance patrols
  220. Friendly, enemy, or neutral
  221. What`s wrong in this picture?
  222. suggested mods
  223. To Nautilus42
  224. XVIII Skins please :)
  225. Keeping your mods safe
  226. Charts
  227. List of SH4 Mods
  228. Deck gun colour?
  229. uboat info requested
  230. White u-boat?
  231. Cold War Mod?
  232. Looking for Better Navmap sh4 1.4
  233. Help! How to get Pocket BB in the Atlantic...
  234. -"biskaya kreuz" (biscay cross) shouldn't be visible underwater
  235. [REQ] UBoat Scopes, UZO skins/mods
  236. U.S Battleship mod
  237. German draft...
  238. [REQ]German TDC dials
  239. very short question..
  240. Any skins for VII
  241. Where is the gunners?
  242. A request for future modding (GWX4)
  243. Rotating radar detector...
  244. "cannot comply"....
  245. Configuration files in Silent Hunter IV
  246. Help runnning "Operation Monsoon."
  247. Changing skins in OP. Monsoon
  248. Emblems for OM?
  249. Humble request for noob!!
  250. [TEC] Adding Compute Solution button