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  10. FOUND AWESOME developer screenshots on twitter page.. see link
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  31. Spotted Aircraft on Radar at 500 meters altitude
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  34. Have you made a pledge yet? If not, why not?
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  36. HEADSETS - What's yours?
  37. SECRET PHOTO Easter Egg in Marulken Sub- find it !
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  39. Cherche des joueurs francophones
  40. Guide to breaking the Enigma code!
  41. Simulator I/O hooks
  42. Who Needs AA Guns Really? Deckgun...
  43. Confused with radio direction finder...
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  45. HMS Marulken to become Subsim Project
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  63. Question about Type VII ballast tanks
  64. What happens *after* Wolfpack?
  65. Torpedoes Los!
  66. Managing propulsion, Diesel-electric from another thread
  67. Someone knows the order of diving actions..
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