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  1. UBOOT - new game
  2. SUBSIM UBOOT dev team interview
  3. Flare Path article: UBOOT
  4. I am highly anticipating this release
  5. New stuff available (02 march)
  6. UBOOT: The Board Game
  7. "Waiting for spring" update
  8. Release Date Pushed back again
  9. This is awesome news!
  10. Deep Water Studio On Discord
  11. June Update for UBOOT On Kickstarter
  12. I know I'll need to upgrade my Laptop
  13. Sneak Preview of Effective Noise, Radar and Sonar Detectability
  14. UBOOT Developer Diary Video's
  15. This game has evolved
  17. Will Uboot look at doing other Nations Subs
  18. September Update
  19. December 23rd update
  20. The waves of UBOOT
  21. Feb 2018 Update
  22. Do this requirements fit the bill for Uboot?
  23. Any news ?
  24. whats the story?
  25. Looks very interesting
  26. Modding
  27. New short clip of boat diving
  29. Release Q4 2018
  30. Anyone here in the Beta?
  31. Decent Q&A thread
  32. Worried about u-boat physics.
  33. Its happening! kickstarter beta is here.
  34. Why I think this game will ultimately be great
  35. New “Das Boot” trailer
  36. New announcement and screens of Uboat
  37. New Uboat Trailer!
  38. New video released
  39. The feeling of splashing without water droplets
  40. Release date!!!
  41. Any News on Mac or iOS versions?
  42. More gameplay from youtube
  43. Streams & recordings from my Twitch/YT channels
  44. UBOAT - first gameplay 15 minutes after NDA lifted
  45. I already have a feature wishlist
  46. Say what?
  47. Hull sounds
  48. I think the pendulum has swung too far
  49. Early access
  50. What will you want to mod in the game so far?
  51. Great! Anyone know pc specs for running uboat?
  52. Only one week, UBOAT will be on sale.
  53. Manual somewhere?
  54. How this works?
  55. First impressions?
  56. My sub is moving but is not moving on the map
  57. Red light?
  58. Black screen with noise
  59. Every time the load comes to the end, it crashes and can't enter the game.
  60. My initial thoughts
  61. Controls?
  62. UBOAT ‘s splash and foam have errors
  63. U-boat tips OR how i lost my first boat (you gotta read this)
  64. Tactics & Tips
  65. Cool
  66. My views.
  67. How to rotate the hydrophone manually
  68. I really like the game UBOAT.
  69. Waves are very real.
  70. Radio Gibraltar is weird
  71. Das Boot Dejavu
  72. Hello Again!
  73. Oh wow, this is really really bad
  74. Uboat vs Wolfpack? (maybe vs SH5 too?)
  75. Steering boxes
  76. Gameplay problem: automatic time compression in open sea
  77. tips about micromanage and officers leaving their station
  78. Question on strategy
  79. I sincerely hope that UBOAT will improve some problems.
  80. Time in port / visiting the bar / abandoning ship
  81. Share your UBOAT experience so far
  82. This game is a joke
  83. This game just needs time
  84. What's the word on Moddablitly?
  85. No desire to post on Steam
  86. User Manual?
  87. Beware MTBs
  88. Aircraft
  89. This is the best way to evade aircraft
  90. Manual
  91. Steam Charts
  92. Torpedo attack parameter setting is too slow
  93. Not the next subsim.... sadly.
  94. Best one yet!
  95. Awsome game :)
  96. Suggestion for you guys on oxygen use
  97. Interesting to see the love/hate nature of the posts
  98. UBOAT The next SH5?
  99. The Horror
  100. A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The U-Boat Page...
  101. Different U-Boat types?
  102. Whats up with the latin radio messages?
  103. submitted without comment
  104. Convoy Part 1 The Hunter
  105. First Patrol Out Of LaSpezia
  106. Why.............?
  107. UBOAT - A WW2 Survival Sandbox Players Group
  108. Is there any TDC parameter set manually in UBOAT?
  109. Convoys
  111. Das Boot U97 Transits Gib and reaches La Spezia
  112. Multi-day convoy attack
  113. All gone a bit too quiet for my liking!
  114. Compressed Air usage...
  115. Worth a Buy?
  116. Depth Charged!
  117. features
  118. Graphics issue
  119. Please explain these ui elements on the crew
  120. Patch b121
  121. Just not that into it.
  122. New player- mouse issue?
  123. I killed the uboat radiostations
  124. Greenhorn Woes...
  125. Purchase questions
  126. While waiting for Uboat....
  127. first impressions
  128. How to do help your Uboat Ally with fruit supply?
  129. Im having more fun than the law allows
  130. Help with Officer Designations
  131. Always the little things...
  132. Dev´s roadmap - finally!!
  133. Has anyone managed to change the graticules of the periscope?
  134. Patrol report: U-201
  135. Suggestion: Officer alertness meter option for first person
  136. How to get new officers?
  137. Dear Devs
  138. A Long Term SH Player's Take On UBOAT
  139. Question about electric engines
  140. Game stability
  141. Hey mods: Can we get a stickied screenshot thread going please?
  142. UBOAT - How to change the number of my uboat
  143. Morale needs a few tweaks
  144. Flotillas in Kiel and Wilhelmshaven
  145. Loading savegame issue
  146. 1st person frustrations...dear devs, take note.
  147. Oxygen usage on GIbraltar run?
  148. UBOAT - inspector
  149. Depth Charge Evasion Authenticity
  150. When Does b125 Go Stable?
  151. Game is opening in taskbar ?
  152. DAS BOOT on Sky Atlantic
  153. Scapa Flow Mission
  154. Suggested Tweaks / additions
  155. Weird co-ordinates
  156. Crashing on Load
  157. Just played a few missions with the latest update - wow!
  158. Important question: Vents in VIIC
  159. Looking @ Picking this up. A question or two.
  160. Played a bit now and a few suggestions for devs hopefully.
  161. just downloaded this game
  162. Anti Aliasing
  163. Can this game be played with minimal crew management?
  164. Torpedo Management
  165. detection mechanics
  166. Mod list
  167. UBOAT - game review
  168. Suggestions
  169. Automatic crew?
  170. compare to SH III
  171. Provisioning the boat
  172. Tutorial?
  173. Quest about sub
  174. Real TDC Mod (T. Vh. Re. S3) / Beta release!
  175. B127 is on experimental branch, lots of new toys.
  176. Zooming power correction
  177. The Power of Sound
  178. The Rock and the Hornet's Nest
  179. Mods from steam
  181. Realistic Crew Numbers
  182. LuT first look
  183. UBoat Tutorial Series
  184. Stuttering in B127
  185. crew behavior
  186. Is Uboat worth picking up now?
  187. Help please missing elements
  188. Have you already visited New York Port? (Video)
  189. UBOAT vs U-Boot - Did the Developers did it Right? (Video)
  190. Are there any mods in development to make this more like SH3?
  191. Modern sub. A total overhaul is possible?
  192. New visual mod
  193. Deck awash bug.
  194. Driving the Ship from the Periscope
  195. My hat goes off...
  196. Mod for SH UI for UBOAT
  197. So is this the new "SH3" ??
  198. mod for auto targeting
  199. Quick question on ports
  200. question about the start
  201. New subs
  202. Goldenrivet's Mod Recommendations
  203. UBOAT update B128
  204. manual targeting....bug?
  205. Salted Takes a Look at B128
  206. any experienced Modder here? small help needed
  207. Realism Please
  208. Mines
  209. Quick question for the modders
  210. Tutorial Showdown
  211. Questions and more questions
  212. hd 8330
  213. TDC mod not working, also where is everyone?
  214. Porting to Mac
  215. Basics of Torpedo Fire
  216. Quick Question about crew