SUBSIM presents: Wolfpack

When I started Subsim in 1995, I dreamed of working closely with a small dev team to make a really unique submarine game that does more than allow a person to “play it”; I wanted a subsim where a guy could “live it”. […]

Tactics & Tips

Tactics & Tips: SSN-21 Seawolf

TACTICS SSN-21 Seawolf employs aggressive enemy AI. A real “shoot & scoot” subsim, Seawolf will test your skills. Detection Try to identify as many targets as possible before attacking. Use the periscope to make a […]

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Silent Hunter III Mods Tutorial

This thread will compile the links to the threads with the essentials and the great-to-haves. It won’t include everything, and you can search for the rest in the downloads section; but it will include the […]