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Wolfpack: Update 0.26 released on the beta branch!

This update includes the full interior of the german type VII U-boat, improvements to player interactions (friends, bans, ignores, etc), leakage effects, new periscope overlays, scales and distance tables, intercom telephones and quality of life improvements. […] Articles

Angle on Bow Guide

Setting up a good solution in the Torpedo Data Computer (TDC) is necessary for a successful torpedo shot. A good TDC solution is comprised of 4 parts: Target Bearing Target Range Target speed Angle on […]


SUBSIM review: Atlantic Fleet

Atlantic Fleet deserves praise, provides excellent entertainment, and is well worth its price. I admire both the design of the strategy and tactical layer. There is good balance between realistic and arcade elements. […]


Navy Field 2

SDEnterNet have hit a winning combination here, between offering a taste on “free to play” accounts and revenue earning “paying” accounts. […]

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Crash Dive II Suggestions

Torpex77: First, this is a Really awesome game, I like it a lot and recommend everyone play it. Its not a sim, but its pretty challenging. Next these arent meant in a negative or harsh […]