Destroyer: Christmas Update

Full list of changes for version 0.9.26:

Difficulty levels implemented (wolfpack size and depth charge efficiency)
Depth charge camera fixed: no displacement of explosions
Broad DC patterns now cover a significantly larger area
CBDR corrections + introduction of foghorn (more fixes incoming)
Fixed a sonar bug that sporadically blocked ‘radar aim’ for resurfacing U-boats
Last 20 messages in the message log are now saved
Upon loading a saved game, the game resumes in the same location (station)
Revised UI in main menu (difficulty level and battle variant selections)

New Update!
Dear Destroyer fans,

Christmas is drawing near and we are excited to bring you another Destroyer update in anticipation of this celebrated time of the year. As always, we focused on responding to the most frequently recurring issues in your feedback, and the difficulty to sink submarines seemed like an important point for many of you. Therefore, we have decided to introduce difficulty level settings which allow you to both control how many submarines attack, but also how powerful your depth charges are. This way, you can make your engagements less intense and hone your skills against smaller wolfpacks, but, even more importantly, beginners can increase their depth charge efficiency and score their first kills much earlier. Of course, players who enjoy a real challenge can always choose ‘realistic’ depth charges and leave things as they are.

On top of that, we have taken a close look at the whole depth charge system, as many of you have reported point blank hits which would result in no damage to the U-boat. We took this issue very seriously, and so we ran extensive tests from top to bottom in order to pinpoint the problem. And, as it has turned out, it was all due to a small graphic glitch that would sometimes displace the visual effect of the explosion – consequently, it seemed like you were hitting, although you were not (and vice versa). With this issue out of the way, the depth charge window should now give you a much more reliable insight into how your DCs are exploding.

We have also run repeated tests of the TRR, and we are happy to confirm that it has been working perfectly all along. However, let’s not forget that the faster you go and the deeper you drop, the higher the chance to miss, and in the most extreme situations, even the slightest mistake will make you miss by a lot. To compensate for it, depth charges now hit harder at ‘medium’ and ‘deep’ to reflect the idea that the water pressure from the explosions would be much more devastating at greater depths. Second of all, we have increased the spread of the broad (distracting) depth charge salvos. While less deadly, such attacks nevertheless have a good chance of scoring hits and should positively affect your ASW efforts.

Lastly, we have implemented a handful of little fixes here and there (full list below) and we can already say that the next update will have a few aces up its sleeve. On the other hand, we are still struggling to make CBDR fully reliable, and we apologize it is taking so long. We hear you, also when it comes to collisions with other hunting escorts – we are dedicated to our project and we will fix all such outstanding issues – it simply takes time, especially for a small team like ours.

To sum it up, we would like to thank you very much for your patience. We are very glad that so many of you are enjoying the game in spite of its Early Access shortcomings. Although we haven’t been very active on the forums recently, please rest assured that we continue to analyze your feedback and that all your concerns will be addressed in future updates. We hope that you will stay excited about Destroyer as we press forward towards version 1.0 with its campaign mode.

Having said that, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and many victorious battles!

Artur Salwarowski
Destroyer Lead Designer
Iron Wolf Studio

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