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The newest and hottest U-Boat sim: Wolfpack

“If you've ever dreamed of working on a highly detailed German type VII U-boat
during the Second World War, Wolfpack is the game for you.” -- PC Gamer

Wolfpack is a realistic, first person, U-boat simulation where one player or multiple crews of players man the stations of a highly detailed German type VII U-boat during the Second World War. The player will encounter large dynamic convoys of merchants escorted by destroyers, sloops, and corvettes. SUBSIM is producing this game with the talented Swedish dev team Usurpator working daily to update the game and add content.

"I've been playing and reviewing submarine games since 1993 and I decided the only way we could get one that was detailed, realistic, and fun enough to satisfy the true Subsimmer was to make our own. Luckily Subsim found a dev team that was talented and dedicated enough to get the job done. So, this game was made by diehard Subsim players for diehard Subsim players! For the most Das Boot experience you can get, I recommend Wolfpack!" -- Onkel Neal, SUBSIM






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Silent Hunter 5: A truly great subsim transcends computer game mechanics to stimulate the imagination the way books like Iron Coffins and U977, and films like Das Boot did. One thing SH5 does magnificently is give the player a very realistic sense of being on a U-boat. Just the simple act of opening the bridge hatch, climbing down the ladder into the conning tower, ordering dive, and raising the scope is one of the quiet strengths of Silent Hunter 5 that should not be overlooked.

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Crash Dive!


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For Android and Kindle


Crash Dive does not have crewmen, a captain's bunk, or planes, but then again, it costs a mere $6. If you ever played Aces, or if you read about the simple fun of the early subsims, how can you pass on Crash Dive? This is an excellent game that offers engaging U-boat gameplay built on a visually appealing base with solid AI and first-rate controls. Since the wave of mobile and iPad platform games, I've played more than a few naval titles, some of them quite good. Panic Ensues has crafted a game that satisfies the yearning for a good subsim and reestablishes the allure of North Atlantic convoy combat in a way that does Aces of the Deep, Silent Service, and Grey Wolf proud. Viewed within its scope, Crash Dive is only a few realism options and a gramophone short of perfection.

Silent Hunter 4 GOLD comes with
  • U-boat Missions add-on
  • Silent Hunter 4 complete game
  • all patches built in, including
  • v1.5 patch!



Silent Hunter 4 GOLD with U-boat Missions and all patches!

Click here to BUY Silent Hunter: Wolves Of The Pacific - Gold Edition [Download]

Silent Hunter 4 makes a strong first impression. The graphics, shading, and lifelike movement of the water, clouds, and ships surpasses SH3. Ships have an incredible amount of detail. The dev team had two guys assigned to improving the water definition and coloring, including translucent sun rays beneath the waves. To sink the enemy ships, Silent Hunter 4 features a photo-realistic Torpedo Data Computer. Each aspect of gathering the ship ID, speed, bearing and course will not be hard for an SH3 veteran to grasp. I found the look and feel of the SH4 TDC greatly improved and more realistic than SH3.

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Dangerous Waters  $39.95  $29.99 NOW $19.99

The last of the great nuke subsims!

This game boasts seven playable platforms that include air, surface, and subsurface units!  The familiar units from Sub Command return: the SSN-21 Seawolf class, the 688(I) Los Angeles class, and the Russian Akula class.  The new platforms include the Oliver Hazard Perry class frigate, the P-3 maritime air patrol craft, and the MH-60 multi-mission helicopter.   Get ready for total naval war!

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This is a true command study sim…the player will find a high degree of fidelity of systems modeling for every unit.  Each unit utilizes an array of tactical stations, and as in Sonalysts’ previous outings, a competent auto-crew can be assigned to each station in order to allow the player to focus on other tasks.  I have to say that getting all of these highly detailed platforms in the same box is a great deal for the potential buyer!  -- Frank “OptimusX” Reynolds    


Dangerous Waters by US Navy contractor Sonalysts is the most complex and detailed nuke subsim ever made. To enable players full access to all the features and stations, Sonalysts released this massive 570-page user manual. The game features full player control of all seven platforms: Akula II, 688(I), Seawolf, Kilo, Perry class frigate, MH-60R helicopter, and P-3C Orion ASW plane. Each platform is covered in exhausting detail, describing the sonar, navigation, plotting, weapons, training--all the stations and all the various pieces of gear and equipment, how to use them, and how to employ strategies to become a more proficient commander.


Get it NOW!  The classic title in the Silent Hunter franchise that added new dimensions to the simulation experience.  The player engages in a compelling ocean environment, featuring dynamic weather, and experience the intensity of historical naval warfare in the first true DYNAMIC CAMPAIGN since Aces of the Deep. Taking the role of the U-boat commander, players will seek their enemy with sonar and periscope, attack the enemy with torpedoes, destroy them with the deck gun, or command their crew to do the job. 

SH3 broke new ground with utterly stunning graphics. While Silent Hunter 2 graphics were good at the time, in SH3 the overall appearance of each ship and sub is one big step closer to photorealism. Details abound. Railings, masts, cargo, port holes, anchors, and rust are smoothly rendered and lifelike. Whereas SH2 ships had details they appeared to be painted on the skin. SH3 ships and subs are so sharply rendered that they fully earn the term "3D". The edges and curves don’t draw attention to themselves, they merely are part of the ship. The water surface doesn’t just shine and shimmer—it holds the reflection of the vessels. These are graphics that make no excuses about being in a subsim.

Easily as impressive are the physics and object motion. The fluid motion of the ocean waves, the ships sailing and turning, and the subs diving and rolling under depth charge attack all possess that elusive true-to-nature quality. This sim has a lot of replay value in simply watching the vessels sail on the ocean. It’s a great joy just watching your sub slip beneath the waves bow-first. Equally impressive is seeing a destroyer tearing down on you with a "bone in the teeth", the tell-tale bow wave that signifies he is running at high speed.


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Silent Hunter III Bonus Mods!
<B>SUBSIM Bonus Mods</B>
Only available as a Subsim SUBscriber, low as $5!

To keep Subsim running, there are a few Bonus Mods that are available to supporters of the website. These include GWX Gold, We Dive at Dawn for SH4, favorite Silent Hunter 5 mods, Narwhal Mod, Tanksim mods, Pacific Aces, & a few more.
Note: one donation allows you access to all of the Bonus Mod files.


  Submarine Almanac Vol. II

“You’re in for a delicious treat with a compendium you will turn to again and again and be proud to display on your bookshelf.” 
Joe Buff, national security expert and best-selling author of 
Seas of Crisis

“On every page, you can feel the love these men and women have for their hobby, the naval service, and its history. I highly recommend it to those who have any interest in naval wargaming and naval history.” Victoria “Cat” Avalon, SimHQ

"U-boats, fast attacks, battleships, wargames--the Submarine Almanac is a crash dive into a rich sea of nautical narrative. If you like submarine stories and naval history, you need to be on page one, not the back cover." 
Ron Martini, World Submarine Network


Submarine Almanac Vol. I

Celebrating 10 years on the web with a flotilla of stories, articles, and art from naval historians, subsim players, game developers, and Navy men.   Sample pages | Excerpts


Silent Hunter III Captain’s Log 
The Legend of Odin 
Just Another Cargo Ship 
Rising Tide 
Civilian Submariner 
Chief Mac and the Contact 
Cavalla Makes its Mark in Naval History 
The Flanders U Boat Flotilla 1915 – 1918 
Blood & Honor 
The Dreadnought Era 
Erich Topp (U-552) 
The History of Subsims 
Life aboard a U.S. Nuclear Submarine 
Origin of the Laconia Order 
and much more....



ENIGMA: RISING TIDE is a groundbreaking concept melding cinematic pacing with immersive graphics to produce the worlds first alternate history, naval warfare, vehicular shooter game in an online, persistent, action-packed, 3-D setting.

Command a variety of surface ships and submarines. Sail with and against thousands of other players, deploying deck guns, torpedoes, hedgehogs, and depth charges. Communicate with your teammates in encrypted chat channels, evade deadly torpedo aircraft, and pluck salvage from the wreckage of enemy vessels. Pit your destroyer against enemy wolfpacks, or stalk fat merchantmen from the murky depths.


Shop for Subsim Classics: Grey Wolf, Fast Attack, and other older subsims on Amazon.

Many copies of Fast Attack, Great Naval Battles, Grey Wolf, Wolfpack, Das Boot, Silent Service, &  many, many other sub and naval games sold here, really cheap!

Subsim Classics

Fast Attack


Grey Wolf: Hunter of the North Atlantic


Man Of War
Man Of War (PC CD Boxed)


Naval Combat Pack  
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Great Naval
Battles Vol.III
Great Naval Battles Vol.III Fury in the Pacific 1941-1944

Great Naval
Battles Series
Great Naval Battles Vol. 1 (PC CD In Jewel Case)

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