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SUBSIM is brought to you through the collaborative efforts of some of the friendliest and most knowledg-eable sim players in the world since 1997. The chief goal of is to enhance the subsim exper-ience for all players and create a community where the game developers and players can share the fun of playing good games.

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About SUBSIM.COM - We began as a bunch of kids, sleeping in an old abandoned beach house, eating sardines and crackers, playing Wolfpack on a used Commodore 64 we got from a pawn shop, waiting for our big break. Read our history by Jason Dorris.



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We like to hear from other players and subsim enthusiasts. If you have something to say, about a sim, about SUBSIM, about anything--you're welcome to send a note our way. Neal selects a few messages each month for the Readers' Comments section.

If you have a tech problem installing or running a game, it is highly recommended that you check through the TACTICS & TIPS section first. If you don't find help there, post a problem in The Radio Room Forums (see below). Be sure to include the type of PC, RAM, graphics & sound cards, OS, etc. E-mail is primarily for your comments about certain games, suggestions for the website, and other subsim topics.

SUBSIM Mail: subsim at    The main e-mail address for comments about the website, subsims, and stuff in general. Do you like it? What do like about it?

The Radio Room - How to get a subsim running & tactics to share.

The Radio Room forums - a civil place to discuss

SUBSIM hosts an on-line forum for your questions, comments, and suggestions about all kinds of subsims, as well as submarine topics in general and anything else that you would like to share with other players. If you have a question about a sim, if you've learned something unique about a sim, or if you're having trouble installing/running/playing a sim, this is the best place for you. The strength of the Internet shines here--with hundreds of players covering on one forum, there's bound to be someone who can help.  There's a horde of players who will try to help you if they can, and if not, they will go to work trying to enlist other players to help as well as get official tech support from the company that made the game.

The Radio Room Forum


Wow, if you were looking to impress me you did a damn good job. I tried to process your (SH2 beta) report through my patented 'BS filter 2000' before sending it on to Ultimation and I did not have to remove anything, a first!
 --Shawn Storc, Producer, SSI (Silent Hunter II, Destroyer Command)
Hey Neal,
Attached is official Sonalysts patch v1.07 of 688(I) Hunter/Killer! May you never see the 3D again!  ;-) Thanks for all your help!!  I couldn't have done it without you guys! In doing a patch like
this ("no 3D" 688(I) Patch) I needed help and you and JD were nice enough to help me out. 
--  Tod Swain, Sonalysts (Jane's 688(I))
"We've enjoyed SUBSIM Review. . . It's an extremely well done site."
-- Kim Castro, Sonalysts (688I H/K)
"Your website is great!"
-- Mike Jones, designer (Aces of the Deep)
"Currently I teach submarine school to new sailors. I enjoyed looking at your web site."
-- Paul Kutia (US NAVY)
"The site looks great! Great job! And thanks for the interview. What a thrill!"
-- Michael DiMercurio (author of Voyage of the Devilfish)
"Neal, just saw the first part of the interview you did with Rick, and it looks great!  Hopefully, you're fellow sub commanders are anxiously awaiting the next installment."
-- Michael Shelling
Associate Public Relations Manager
SSI/Mattel Interactive (Silent Hunter II)
"I found my name in Michael Jones' interview in a Northern Light search and stuck around long enough to really enjoy your site. The "old geezers" section is great!  I didn't think anyone remembered Gato and Sub Battle (even though Mike worked with us on it!)."
--Don Gilman, PE Applied Computing Services Inc. (Harpoon3)
"Hi Neal, Just saw the story up on SUBSIM about us! Cool, we have the link to SUBSIM up now (not sure if it's all caps though, I'll have to check).
-- Mark Kundinger, Ultimation (Silent Hunter II)
My name is Mike Jeffress and I work for Electronic Arts. As you know, we are working with Sonalyst to produce another game. It is my first time to your site and I was quite impressed. It is laid out quite well and has a lot information.
--Mike Jeffress, EA (Sub Command)
"I looked at your site, really focused. . . a good site."
-- Charles Harribey, Strategic Simulations Inc. (Silent Hunter I, Fighting Steel)

I'm glad to see that is still going strong. It's always been one of the best simulation sites on the web.
--Bill Becker (Silent Hunter I)




Letters to

"I have recently purchased Sub Commander after reviewing your site. It has been a while since I even had played a Sub sim. I think the last one I played was Seawolf. I wanted to give you a big thumbs up! Your site is great, very informative and easy to navigate."

Yes, we read your letters. How else do we keep our wits sharp! Send us a note here!

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