SUBSIM Teamspeak 3

Click here to launch the SUBSIM Teamspeak 3 app

This is the info page for Subsim Teamspeak3. You can download Teampseak3 and set it up on your PC. Then launch it and make a connection with the server address:

If you have any questions, Ask them here: SUBSIM TS3 Questions, Help, and FAQ Thread.

Channel name: subsim

Server name:

Download Teamspeak3 for your computer here.

Status teamspeak Hosting by

How to Download and install TS for free, set it up, and get connected to the Subsim server in a few easy steps.

The Portside room is open to anyone, but the other rooms require the password below to access. They are restricted to you, Subsim members. For password access to game channels.

Please use this thread for comments, requests for more rooms, anyone interested in being a channel moderator.

Feel free to use this service for setting up games, in-game play, and general chitchat. Please your Subsim forum name in our chat.
Onkel Neal