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Subsim has grown each year since 1997 and keeping it online is not free. We run with minimal advertising, and I try to avoid the most intrusive type of ads (the ad screen page, inline search links, popups). In the past, I received a generous commission from games sold through Chips and Bits, but they stopped their affiliation program.

In the history of this website, there have been some really great people step up to the plate and help out. Typically the Internet is flooded with cheap bastards who like to complain, but Subsim has been very fortunate, our crowd has raised money for cancer victims, the tsunami crisis, for the Project Messerwetzer SH2 MP Patch, and general website-related expenses. Your donation keeps Subsim online! Plus, your donation makes you a member of the SUBSIM Navy!

Your support helps, thanks!

Before today, for a full and correct GWX installation, you had to first download GWX 2.0, then download GWX 2.1, and finally download the fixes released by the dev team.

Now you can completely upgrade to GWX 3.0 GOLD in one EASY install.

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Salute to Kpt. Lehmann and the GWX team for allowing the mod to be a donation only download through Subsim.



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