Destroyer: CBDR trouble

I appreciate that efforts have been made in this last patch to help with the numbers of collisions which occur. I think, however, that what’s really needed is:

1. some means for the viewer to be able to identify escorts, perhaps with a pop-up “ship name” from the lookout or external views.

2. A means of setting the sequence with which all escorts prosecute their attacks, with all AI driven escorts remaining 800-1000m distant until their attack comes up in the sequence.

It would then be possible for the player to control when AI escorts come in to attack, and he’d be able also to see at a glance, which ship is coming in. Also, critically, the other AI escorts would remain outside the area when he’s prosecuting the attack. This would largely do away with all the CBDR warnings which arise.

In conclusion, a more carefully designed method is required to reduce the number of conflicts which occur with a fairly basic AI interacts with a human player. These new CBDR warnings really do not cut it as a solution?


AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!