Cold Waters with DotMod is a PERFECTED MASTERPIECE!!

Cold Waters is a MASTERPIECE! Cold Waters with DotMod is a PERFECTED MASTERPIECE!!!

I am 52 and have been playing computer games before Aces of the Deep! Cold Waters is the Submarine naval warfare game that I have always wanted! The way the game is made there is always intense action going on not much time for boredom! Different types of enemies with different types of very dangerous offensive capability’s make for the greatest submarine naval warfare that I have ever experienced in a submarine game. There is a lot of randomness to the way things unfold with this nail-biting submarine simulation naval warfare game. So many different levels of challenging gameplay, you can easily edit the campaigns to make them easier or harder, (I like to add the chance to encounter more Udaloys and enemy air power in most all of the different types of missions in the campaigns) also the submarine you pick to command and the era will determine the difficulty too!

Unfortunately 688i, Sub Command and Dangerous Waters just did not do it for me. Also I love World War 2 Submarines, but to be honest in my opinion the warfare of that era is NOWHERE near as exciting as the more modern era of submarine warfare in COLD WATERS.

I just recently fired up the DOTMOD = and to my pleasant surprise this is “THE REAL PERFECTION MOD!!!” I have always wanted the towed array to be done in a more realistic way, to be able to deploy the towed array and retract it and see the towed array. Also now with DOTMOD I can truly sneak in behind a enemy submarines baffles and take him out with a passive torpedo without the submarine be alerted when the torpedo goes into passive tracking mode. That was the only problem that truly annoyed me about the original game. Just with these few fixes DOTMOD ANSWERED ALL OF MY WISHES For My Favorite Submarine Naval Warfare game of ALL TIME = COLD WATERS with DOTMOD! It looks like DOTMOD has made the A.I. even better and added a whole world full of addons and improvements to the overall game and campaigns too!

COLD WATERS AND DOTMOD IS A BRILLANT MASTERPIECE!!! Beautiful Graphics and Special Effects and Excellent Cat and mouse submarine naval warfare make this My BEST Submarine Naval Warfare Game Of ALL TIME! If you have not played this game yet you need to give it a try, you need to learn how to maneuver your sub manually with the keyboard to survive in this game.

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!