SUBSIM review: Atlantic Fleet

Atlantic Fleet deserves praise, provides excellent entertainment, and is well worth its price. I admire both the design of the strategy and tactical layer. There is good balance between realistic and arcade elements. […]


Navy Field 2

SDEnterNet have hit a winning combination here, between offering a taste on “free to play” accounts and revenue earning “paying” accounts. […]

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Crash Dive II Suggestions

Torpex77: First, this is a Really awesome game, I like it a lot and recommend everyone play it. Its not a sim, but its pretty challenging. Next these arent meant in a negative or harsh […]



   The games I played in Fast Attack were very enjoyable. You get a sense of authenticity playing this sim. The only map view available is generated from the satellite intelligence and your sonar bearings, which could be accurate or not, depending on your skill in tracking contacts. This is a plus for realism. […]