SUBSIM Game review: UBOAT

With a bit of more good news the acoustics of the surrounding ocean were – for a short time – affected by the recent depth charging. This meant the race was on to accomplish as much work as possible before the sea quieted enough for the sonar aboard the escorts to regain sufficient contact with us. […]

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Silent Hunter III: Windows 7 ?

–Suggested Fix—————————- 1. Completely remove SH3, and Starforce: (execute the application in rar archive sfcdrvrem.rar) Go to the button of the page and you find the download to remove Starforce. 2. search for Silent […]


Sub Buddy

It is very rewarding to replicate the calculations the actual U-boat commanders executed during an attack. And after all, isn’t that what submarine simulations are all about? Sub Buddy says “yes”. […]


SUBSIM Book Review: Private Beatson’s War

Authors: James Beatson, Shaun Springer, Stuart HumphreysPublisher: Pen & SwordYear: 2009Reviewer: Neal Stevens  The centennial of the Great War of 1914-1918, commonly referred to as World War I, is only four-and-a-half years away. The war has been scrutinized and […]


SUBSIM review: Cold Waters

It’s been a long dry spell since the last modern-era sub game. Dangerous Waters came out in… 2005? That can’t be right, can it? That was like three presidents ago. Well, Dangerous Waters was an […]