A look back at 1996’s Iron Wolves game & players

In 1996, Iron Wolves was a hotbed of sub gaming activity. Presented here is the roster of fan sites listed on IW’s website.
PS: Don’t expect the links to be current or even work …except the one for SUBSIM !

Click here for SUBSIM's 1998 review of Iron Wolves.

Iron Wolves Players and fans are now creating their own Web sites about the game..!

Here are a sample of the sites we know about….!


The Wolf Pack The “Official” Unofficial Players Group

1baddude :is an Iron Wolves player (nice music and a great back drop…!)


Berserker an Iron Wolves player

Captain Nemo’s Nautilus page an Iron Wolves player

Cye an Iron Wolves player

Dangerous Daffy an Iron Wolves player

Dasboot an Iron Wolves player

Deogee’s :an Iron Wolves Player, he wants you to laugh with him not at him..!

Drifter an Iron Wolves player

EAST an Iron Wolves player

Frodo an Iron Wolves player, excellent animation on first screen

Capt. Glacier runs the excellent site SUBSIM Review !

INTRUDER’s :an Iron Wolves player, this is his site, with the most wanted player list..!.

Metalhead’s :an Iron Wolves player, featuring player of the month soon..!.

Prrrowler :an Iron Wolves player, this site has many hints & tips from other players….!

Shad an Iron Wolves player

Stingray & Ice With Icequeen & player comments..!


If you are a fan of Iron Wolves and would like your Iron Wolves Web site listed then please let me know E-mail: urls@mail.on-line.co.uk


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