1971: Indian Naval Front

Well, this ain’t the German or the Ruskies, nor the Yanks, or the Chinese; this is a war that I do not recall ever being modeled in a naval sim before, and it’s a very welcome addition. The early version does not have single missions (yet) and forces you into a very structured campaign. You cannot proceed until you complete the mission objective. The planes and helo controls are keyboard, but the devs say they will add joystick support, which will really improve the feel of controlling aircraft. The game environment is nice, with authentic sounding crew and radio messages, mist at night, and ship wakes — all provide a good atmosphere.   ssvideo   

The first four or five mission have a nice variety! First person control of scout and fighter planes, helos inspecting cargo ships for contraband, rescuing commandos, hunting a Tench class submarine. Very enjoyable so far, can’t wait to see the devs add single missions, joystick support, and multiplayer. Pretty cool game!


AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!