Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter: How would you like the ‘light’ or ‘easy’ mode to be called?

'Cruise mode', or even 'gung-ho mode'?

At Iron Wolf Studio, we have been thinking for some time how to call the ‘easy mode’ that the game is going to have. It will feature more of an RTS experience with a top-down view, but you will still be controlling your destroyer, albeit from a World of Warships-inspired TPP camera.

Therefore, while this mode will retain everything that the original game has, it will also give the player all the information in a simplified format, that is easily understood by a person not well-acquainted with naval warfare simulators. It will consist of the top-down view where you can control your AI escorts and assess the overall situation, and of the TPP view, where you maneuver your destroyer, launch depth charges, etc. In this latter view, you will also have access to DRT, OSC, Sonar, Radar, although in a simplified/automated form.

So, the question now is what sort of a name would be appropriate for this kind of game mode. Initially, I called it ‘arcade mode’, but as it was strictly a working title, I have come up with ‘tactical mode’. Since Destroyer is a tactical simulation and you take away the simulation aspect in this mode, what you are left is the ‘tactical’ part of the game.

There have been other suggested names, including ‘cruise mode’, or even ‘gung-ho mode’, but I think there could be other alternatives.

So, what do you think? Is there a name that would describe it well and at the same time appeal to both subsimmers and the casual crowd alike?

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!