Cold Waters mod: Unified CWA & DM Gen 4 Huds

I decided to Rework the huds quite a bit using some new idea’s. The Torpedo’s with wires now have the Guidance Cable Dispensers Attached to them and they show in the new Wire guided Symbol also

this has a few benefits

1.) Easy to see if its wire guided weapon now
2.) More realistic
3.) Wire Guidance Tube Look is now Far More Real

I’ve also added Backlighted Buttons and panels in two colors + a un lighted one

1.) Standard Yellow back light
2.) A not lighted one
3.) A red one to catch your attention more to systems the can give you away or are important so:

Emergency Blow , Active Sonar , Radar , Active Weapon Sonar ect

I’ve also added Black Rubber buttons for the Incremental buttons so speed and depth ect. And added the interior tube when looking down in to it also added Tube Doors which moves in to place and seal the tube when a weapon is loaded the doors also help with Weapon loading as they Indicators as you see them straight off

Fairly HAPPY now with this Design so will Use it with the Existing CWA Huds and The new DOTMOD Huds I’m making.






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