Wolfpack Update: Voice tubes & Realistic voice options

In a co-op game like Wolfpack, communication is critical to success. Being that a real U-boat is noisy and often chaotic, plus the players can be stationed in different compartments far apart, there should not be a clear ability to speak and hear each other at all times.   ssvideo    

To accommodate this level of realism, the devs created an option called “Realistic voice attenuation”. With this option selected, the players will not have a god-voice where everyone can hear each other flawlessly. Instead, players can speak and hear each other when they are in the same compartment, or if they are in adjoining compartments.

If the players are apart, they can communicate by relaying the commands, or by using the inter-compartment phones, or by using the voice tubes. The voice tubes connect the bridge to the control room, and the conning tower to the forward and aft torpedo rooms.

If one player leaves the control room and makes his way to the engine room, he will not hear any discussion or commands from the players in the control room. This feature will add a significant level of tension and realism to Wolfpack.


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