Wolfpack: A few new ideas

1. The boat seems rather sparsely crewed currently: Sleeping/resting crew in every bunk in both sleeping areas. Such resting crew should be able to be put in respirators (for later chlorine escape from batteries). The very occasional cough, gentle snore, animated and very very rare butt-scratch and low inaudible conversation in German sound effects whose aim is to create the impression of a larger crew being aboard. Some crew could be reading/writing animations? Periodic meals being prepared, Animated cook with usual kitchen noises, except at action-stations, followed by crew eating at tables in messes, likewise when not at action stations.

2. Options for player to adopt different mouse-cursors of differing sizes and visibility in game. I personally find it VERY difficult to find my cursor against some colour backgrounds/light levels. Ability to cycle through them on the fly would be useful?

3. Visible animated raising of flooring in forward torpedo compartment with animated raising of torpedoes from underfloor storage via chain or rope hoists with suitable sound effects internally, and noise generated a risk of detection. Possible slower quieter reload possible?

4. Access to battery compartments via crawlspace, with bilge-water level modelled, as a preparation for broken battery cells and chlorine generation/suppression via blowing the bilge, ventilating the boat, and straps across broken batteries to maintain voltages etc as part of a later damage-model. If chlorine present, requires use of respirator to access, making communication impossible.

5. Ability of player operated crew to crawl and/or move on bended knee, in order that the compressor may be reached with the aft torpedo reload being modelled as an obstacle, and also allowing for operating in crawl-spaces such the two battery compartments.

6. Greater trim-changes required when torpedoes are fired, and addition of operable fore-aft trim tanks to balance the boat longitudinally. Consideration given to animated movement of crew towards Torpedo compartment during crash dives or at bottom of descent requiring fore-aft trim to be re-optimised.

7. And of course …… playable escorts!

Feel free to add, amend, laugh until you cry, deride or otherwise make you own suggestions….

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!