1971 Indian Naval Front: Operation Trident

A step-by-step video guide based on Operation Trident   ssvideo   

  1. Follow the objective and move towards the Vantage Point.
  2. After moving for few kms you will be notified to turn off Radar, you can do that by pressing the R key. If the radar is on and you continue to move further, you will be detected by enemy patrolling jets and that’s game over for you.
  3. On reaching the vantage point you can switch on the radar to identify the targets.
  4. A timer starts, indicating to complete the mission in stipulated time.
  5. At this point, the player is introduced to a game feature of switching between allied ships, by pressing Q key.
  6. Once you identify the targets, you would need to press 4 key to select the missiles. It’s important to keep the radar on when selecting missiles, as you can program/deprogram targets only when radar is on.
  7. To fire missiles accurately at the targets, you would need to program the targets by selecting the target using L Ctrl + the index number shown at the top of the entity marker of the target. For example,
    L Ctrl + 5 to program PNS Muhafiz (as shown in the video)
  8. Once the target is locked press LMB to fire missiles to destroy the selected target.
  9. Each missile boat carries 4 missiles and there are 8 targets to be destroyed. Here you can take advantage of switching between ships by pressing Q. Also refresh the radar by pressing R key when switching to another ship.

Seems complicated? Has a learning curve to it and involves decision making skills to complete the mission in given time.


AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!