Destroyer: Iceberg Edition

Have a look at the latest combat scenario: ‘Icefield.’ In this variant, your convoy must navigate through treacherous sea ice while under attack from relentless U-boats. This scenario poses multifaceted challenges, as you must fend off adversaries while simultaneously battling Mother Nature’s harshest elements. Foremost, icebergs represent a significant hazard to the entire convoy, necessitating precise and cautious navigation. ssvideo


Complicating matters further, the radar system becomes a complex puzzle, delivering abundant false signals while offering perfect camouflage to the enemy behind, or beneath, the icebergs.


Moreover, maintaining the convoy’s formation becomes an arduous task due to the unavoidable maneuvers required to traverse this hazardous terrain. Large icebergs obstructing the convoy’s intended path will inevitably cause a change of course, adding to the chaos and uncertainty instigated by the situation.

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!