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SILENT HUNTER III The U-boat subsim & stuff to make it even better!
Most mods are compressed using WinZip. Some mods are packed using the .rar zip format. You can download the tool here. Some use the 7zip format, tool can be found here. All are scanned for viruses, you should check them too before installing.

GWX 3.0 is here!

The Ultimate Silent Hunter III Supermod

The Grey Wolves team released their Magnum Opus, GWX 3.0. a comprehensive expansion mod for Silent Hunter III that replaces their earlier expansions and should keep Das Boot players very busy in 2009. The primary objective of this release has been to consolidate all official GWX files and fixes released to date for SH3.

Before today, for a full and correct GWX installation, you had to first download GWX 2.0, then download GWX 2.1, and finally download the fixes released by the dev team.

Now you can completely upgrade to GWX 3.0 in one EASY install.

Along with the well-crafted 600+ page manual, GWX 3.0 added a huge list of additions and tweaks, including DRAMATICALLY improved graphics, battleships, warships, planes, AI subs, merchants of every stripe, sound files, music, graphic fixes, dozens and dozens of new missions, and tons more. As GWX team leader Kpt Lehman remarked, "We started out as puppies digging in the garden... and well... we think we found China!" China indeed, if not the whole Asian continent. The importance of their work cannot be overstated, GWX simply anchored the massive popularity of Silent Hunter III as the best U-boat subsim ever, for many years to come.



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Imperial Germany Silent Hunter 3 mod


CA's UBoat Instrument Patch v1 (7.8 MB 7zip format) patch that corrects many out of the box bugs that should have been addressed in an official patch. Items such as incorrect compressed air readings, mirrored contacts on radar bearing wheel, broken gauges, and various other bugs have been corrected (see below for a complete list). By Captain America

Here's a list of the bugs found by UBoat type. Future versions of this mod will attempt to address any outstanding issues. Thanks to Redwine for his help discovering some of them and all of his input.

SH3Weather Update 1.5 (691KB) - Adjustment of random weather values/intervals based on personal testing, user suggestions and positive feedback of the GWX default weather settings.
- Implemented full installation package. Additional features ONLY available when used with SH3Commander 2.6 or greater.  README

Sh3Gen v0.7.1dotNET 1.1  |  Sh3Gen v0.7.1dotNET 2.0 by Global Explorer

Sh3Gen is an external patrol engine for Silent Hunter III. It is reading and analyzing the main application files, adds historic and geospatial data and writes back an updated patrol information into a savegame. The new information shows up on reload of the savegame, in the ingame map and wardiary.

Precisely, you will be given information about:
-enemy ports - what kind of ships are there?
-warships, big ships and convoys - where does the Kriegsmarine suspect them to be?
-the overall situation - what's going on in the world in general?
-single merchants - in which areas can you expect to find unprotected shipping?
-position of allied airbases - you can deduct amount of allied airpower from this

Sh3Gen is meant to be an atmosphere and gameplay enhancement, not a spysat mod. Therefore, any information will be given randomly and will often not be reliable. There are a multitude of options to adjust reliability and amount of information to your playing style, as well as options to switch off individual modules. You need DotNET Framework to run this software. Compatible versions are available for both dotNET 1.1 and dotNET 2.0. by Global Explorer


JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler v1.5.0(.60)  (604KB) - Do you have a game that can be "modded"?  The Generic Mod Enabler takes most of the hassle out of installing and uninstalling mods from your game. It has been tested with European Air War, Panzer Elite, Silent Hunter III, Total War and various other games but should work with just about any moddable game.  README



MultiSH3 (278KB): this utility that will change the folder name in My Documents that Silent Hunter 3 uses to save campaign and career information. It does this by patching a file in the game's root folder called FileManager.dll.  Stock SH3 is hard-coded to save this information in a folder called My Documents\SH3, but given the large number of supermods and other mods it may be desirable to be able to separate careers by saving them in different folders.  For example, you might want to have a stock SH3 1.4b installation, a TGW installation and an NYGM installation, each with their own career information.

The obvious benefit of this is that it prevents any possible confusion over which campaigns and careers belong to which installation.  Mod developers may find it useful to have a known safe copy of SH3 and one or more development copies, each completely separate.  Gamers may find it useful to be able to remove, repair or update supermods without having to uninstall the lot and start again (anyone who has needed to modify their Grey Wolves installation should see the benefit of this immediately).


SH3 Commander 2.7 (20.9 MB)
README THREAD - Jaesen Jones' new 'SH3 Commander' is once more greatly enhanced, and gives lots more flexibility and depth to the game, with all-new mods and features. Here is a screenshot of the main SH3 Commander interface:

SH3 Commander will generate an in-depth history for your commander, including birthdate, promotions, the date he joined the navy, and the date he transferred to the Ubootwaffe. After your career is over (if your commander survives), it will even generate a biography of your commander's later activities - what he did for the rest of the war, and what happened to him after the war. SH3 Commander creates an entire background story. Your commander becomes a real person with a story that goes beyond the limits of Silent

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SH3PATROL MOD  (89KB) - The addition of U-tankers to the NYGM-RUb, HT and other campaign files has resulted in the need for new patrol grids where ‘NULL’ would previously be assigned. SH3Patrol will reduce your time spent at an Ocean Tanker to 1 day, when run at the tanker base and will provide you with a new computed patrol square (replacing ‘NULL’) when run from any game saved at sea after departing from a tanker base or from a German port that is not your home base. You can also enter your own choice of new patrol square. By Stiebler. June 2006

NYGM Periscope Mod v1.1 (9.4MB) - The NYGM Periscope Mod fixes the periscopes so that they no longer stick up high out of the protective housing when they are fully lowered. Apart from being a cosmetic fix, this will also reduce the damage incurred from depth charges when the periscope is fully lowered.





This is the old Downloads section.
Be sure to also check the new Downloads section for your mod.




- Amp meters in radio room are flipped (i.e. negative) The CO2 gauges are used here to represent the amps. -Its a texture mapping problem with the model. Can't be fixed until there is a way to export the interior models from the .dat files.

- Battery gauges in the command room uses the CO2 gauge instead of the proper texture. -Can't be fixed without access to model. Not a problem though, see workaround below.

- Battery gauge readings in command room are incorrect and does not show full charge. (FIXED) -Since battery gauges use the CO2 gauge background, the scale was changed to that of the CO2 gauge so the reading now accurately represents the proportion of battery charge values.

Silent Hunter III - Keyboard Commands - formatted on a single sheet of paper by Subguy


NYGM Tonnage War Mod For Silent Hunter III
NYGM Version 2.4  is a realism focused mod continuing from where Real U-Boat (RUB) left off. NYGM Tonnage War  includes the following enhancements to core areas of game play:

1. New campaign files [mostly found already in patch 2.3].
* Gibraltar escorts improved to the standard of those operating around Britain. We have retained some of the fixed single patrols, but movements by patrol groups are now irregular and erratic in appearance and direction. Trying to get through the Gibraltar Strait into the Mediterranean is now very nasty - allow at least two hours of real time for playing and try to penetrate the Strait in poor weather and visibility, and at night, for safest results.
* British-escorts-style warships patrolling the oil terminals of Caracao and Port of Spain.
* Arctic convoys improved.
* No convoy anywhere has fewer than three escorts even early in war.


RealUboat1.45   (49 MB 7zip format) By the SH3 Mod Team. This is a 'one-stop shopping' mod that includes the best of the realism mods currently available on the net. It is a hardcore realism-focused mod intended for use with Silent Hunter III version 1.4b. This mod fixes a number of inconsistencies in Silent Hunter III. The changes more accurately reflect the available historical data concerning U-Boat activities in WW2. The eventual goal of the patch is to accurately recreate all aspects of the U-Boat war between 1939 and 1945. IMPORTANT NOTES: This mod is to be used with Silent Hunter III version 1.4b. It may not work properly if you don't have the correct game version installed. Added new planes and aircraft configurations,  Airpower mod by Jace11, realistic harbour traffic and minefields, Traffic mod by Rubini; Realistic Plotting mod by GouldJG, new Hurricane skin by Beery. Beery and the SH3 Mod Team.

New features in version 1.45 include:
'Lite' versions of the radio mods added. Mods adapted from various sources. Modders: U-4, Fletcher_72, Purplehaze, Prien, JG400Pips, U-538, Irishred and Sniper1 .
051016: Added Hospital Ship mod. Mod by Iambecomelife and Sergbuto.
Added ability to sail on the surface with decks awash.
Added French language support.
Added new 'Speed of Sound' mod version 1.2. Mod by Average Joe.
Updated (8 October 2005) Improved Convoys mod added. Mod by Jasonb885 & Sergbuto.
Added Cloud fix. Mod by Seeadler.
Added new world map with text for all major ocean features. Mod by FLB sale U-999.
Fixed misaligned cables on some Type VII boats. Mod by Flakwalker.
Added Officer Icon mod. Mod by Captain America.
Fixed weather reports icons. Mod by Marhkimov.
All new Campaign_SCR.mis file added. Mod & Bugfixes by Teddy Bar & Stiebler.
Fixed some (though not yet all) incorrect town and port alignment colours. Adjustment by Beery.


CAPTAIN AMERICA'S - 'OFFICER ICON MOD' v1.1 (77KB) - With the default officer icon images no matter which crew member you place in there it always displays the same generic portrait. It would have been cool if the portraits actually updated to match the crew member like the 3D models do. This mod changes the officer icons to images that portray the station of each officer rather than their portraits.



MERCHANT VARIETY PACK, Early War Edition, V1.0 (11.6 MB) by iambecomelife  This mod adds more than 100 new textures for use with the merchant ship models in Silent Hunter 3. The new skins are historically accurate, whenever possible, and represent the liveries of several dozen companies from nine different nations. Semi-random changes to merchant ships are possible using CRULL's batch file (included). The present installment features uncamouflaged prewar skins for the following merchant vessels:

Small Tanker
Troop Transport
Coastal Merchant
Small Merchant
Passenger Liner

UZO & Periscope Mod v2.0 (2.33 MB) by Sale U-999: This mod clears all unnecessary and blending Textures around the UZO & Periscope Views. Improvement for the Night views which where to much shining textures there. Now you have only the important viewing circles and not more....(see at the Screenshots). Now you will not have the feeling anymore, that you are only watching in front of this 2 Views from a distance of 50 cm like the original ones.... Now you have a cleared View like through the Binoculars.

AIL SKY MOD v2.0 (2.75 MB) by Ailantd & FLB Sale U-999. A set of wonderful and realistic looking clouds. Nori00.tga - new verson of cloudy sky; Nori00_V1.tga - version1 of cloudy sky; Nori01.tga - old and new version of overcast sky INSTALLATION: Unzip and copy the Data folder over your SHIII data folder. When windows ask you if you want to overwrite files: click on yes for all files. If this Mod does not prompt you  with a Backup folder be sure to backup your original files before completing the install.

Sound Trainer ( 304KB) - Sound Trainer: A worthwhile addition to the SHIII Training Academy is this sound trainer for hydrophone expertise. With this mission you will learn how to identify ships, determine there speed and torpedo  them from the hydrophone. The mission package includes sound charts, tutorial and a quick reference card. By Greyrider, Harmsway and Cpt.Nautilus. This trainer will help you accomplice 4 missions by sound.

1. determine how much rpm is on a sound contact screws.
2. determine a sound contacts speed by using visual identification in combination with the speed rpm chart if unable to identify contact by sound.
3. determine quality of the sound of different screws. is there something there in one not present in the other?
4. torpedo the target from the soundroom, manning the hydrophones, using the bearing speed chart.

Sansal's Milk Cow Mod (1.87 MB) - It adds historical vessels for the refuel and torpedo resupply in campaign.It simulates from the naval bases configurations what used to be milk-cows. So you'll see in the game map how these units move in the areas where historically resupplies took place. You just have to approach them as if they were your base and then press ESC.


Realistic Hull Skin Effect (3.04 MB)  Want your SH3 Type VII to look like it's actually been in the Atlantic? Check out some pics of the real thing and then look at yours on the external view. Notice something different? Yup, yours looks like it was launched yesterday and has been spending all its time sailing up the Danube. This mod will change all that, giving your external hull panels that rippled look that you always see on warships that have actually been to sea, perfect for that '10 patrol veteran look'. - by Chock

MooseMeasure Accurate Ruler Mod (318kb).  This mod for SH3 v1.3 will change the enhanced ruler cursor to one with range rings, to allow distances to be measured with much greater precision.  Can be used at any map scale, full usage instructions included.  Intended for use with Jonesoft Generic Mod Enabler, but alternative installation instructions are included.

Torpedoes Loading Screen Transparency mod (637KB). A modified Background TGA for the Screen when you open the Torpedo Screen. Nothing else was changed, only the Background. Just copy the Back00.tga into your data\Menu\Gui\Layout Folder. By FLB sale U-999


MilitaryMod series. A series of mods for all military vessels (subs excluded) in Silent Hunter III. This features the Elco torpedo boat, DD Fletcher, searchlight upgrades, Flower Corvette. Made entirely from scratch and as historically accurate as the model permits.


Real Damage Mod For 1.3 and New DC/Sonar Fix (10.6kb) by gouldjg & Jungmans. It adds exploding crew members to different areas of ships and planes, was not hard to do and it’s mainly for the eye candy guys like myself. (Watch carefully and you will see crew being thrown from the planes in a random fashion or thrown from ships life boats and command decks). It has strengthened the upper parts of many of the ships, as someone said; it looked silly when a BB command deck gets blown of bye the U-boat deck gun. Oil leaks appear on sub when taking damage. No more exploding conning tower because it was impossible to immediately destroy the U-boat once the conning was blown off. The DD keel as been strengthened to reduce chance of flooding after collision with sub conning tower. Increased the flooding probabilities as the new DC does damage at 15 metres and not 50, this looks more realistic when externally viewing. Made it so you do not immediately die, however it does take some good co-ordination and crew management to recover now. More chance of sinking out of control while trying to recover from flooding, I had a great time sinking and managing to gain control at 200 mtrs, hair raising stuff. Remember this is depending on various factors and not necessary all the time as it is impossible to balance the game to do this all the time. To compensate for the realistic fans, I have added a couple of explosives on the sub in varying places where a direct DC hit could and I stress could cause extra damage.  The good thing is that as long as you have made a copy of your original Zones. CFG and followed the backup instructions when installing Jungmans mod, you can easily roll back.

SetKey 1.11 (215KB) - SetKey is a utility for Silent Hunter III that allows the user to customize command selection by giving the user control over the keys mapped to any command listed in the game's command_en.cfg file. This file can be loaded into a standard text editor and modified, but the structure is cryptic and the commands contain other information that the user might accidentally change. This program is designed to allow the user to work with these commands in an intuitive and safe environment. Commands in Silent Hunter III can be linked together by mapping them to one key, or they can be called by more than one key combination. Within the default command file, there are up to six key combinations mapped to one command, and so this utility will allow the user to map up to six keys to any command. Perhaps the user would like to crash dive, get depth under keel, lower the periscope, and go to the map with one keystroke- no problem; each command can be part of up to six macros by mapping several commands to one key. The program also allows the user to set the 'Repeat' and 'Performed by crew' attributes as they go. By Cavalier889

War Radio Mod (22MB) - A series of tracks that go into the Gramophone folder and simulate the Radio Operator tuning in various stations with both news and music. Each track will contain some music and various news broadcasts from specific dates throughout the war along with radio static and tuning sweeps to add to the already wonderful immersion of this sim. This first one is for September 1939 and features Chamberlain's declaration of war announcement; The second installment is for the Phoney Wary period up to the German Invasion of Norway in April 1940. It includes the songs "Seigfried Line" and "Blackout Stroll" as well as the BBC announcing the Norway Invasion and Lord Haw Haw discussing armour plated fashion for nervous young ladies. by KptnLt Eric Karle

SH3world v3.0 (406KB) - Features include 1.Increase number of warships, submarines, destroyers and other ships for Brest and Lorient, St. Nazaire and La Pallice. You can see the destroyers and battleships making a return voyage when you sail .2.Increase the warship / aircraft carrier /Cruiser /Battle ship and other ships at the port of the enemy . Have increased the destroyer go on patrol at the port of the enemy . 3.Have changed the rank of most destroyers to Elite. 4.Increased the German warship of patrol in the each district. 5.Increased the British bombardier air attack port. Different time contain different plane assaults. 6.Sailing for the first time in 1939 , BF109 forms into columns to convoy. by W_clear

13owman's Readable Dial Mod (2.3MB) - better readable dials on the main interface of SH3, the result is a crisper cleaner image because the image is 4 times larger. By Joe Madlom



This is the old Downloads section.
Be sure to also check the new Downloads section for your mod.





Tree Mod (2.25 MB) - By DARKDRONE. Includes modified tree, wood, grass, snow textures


Upgraded Sound Environment pack (6.5MB) - by Maat. Enhanced wind, scope motor, and more. Place sound files into your: Silent Hunter 3\Data\sound folder. Don't forget to backup your old files

AIL DAS BOOT OFFICERS MOD V2 (24.4kb) by Ailantd. For all of you that really like "Das Boot" film and like to sail with this famous crew. The mod replace the original faces of the officers in the menu bar  with "Das Boot" film faces.


AILMOD PACK (1.37MB) by Ailantd. Includes the Wake Mod, Dials Mod, Moon Mod, and the NavMap Mod. Considered some of the best mods by Subsim players, you will want these. Dials mod removes the background of the dials when you call for report to the Chief Engineer and fixes the color of the compressed air dial (red to green); the NavMap mod enhances the background texture in the navigation map to appear more as paper; the Moon Mod adds a hi res texture version of our lunar neighbor. Now it's a pleasure see the moon through binoculars. 

fullybridge4xp.jpg  Transparent Menu Bar (661kb) by sale999. This mod clears the menu bar background so your dials and officers still appear but you can see more of the control room and bridge.


Interior Textures (49MB) - By the Aces of the Deep Clan!

SH3 terrain mod v. 1 (6.14 MB) - By Christian P. Roesdahl. Reworked landscape textures to the correct scale in Silent Hunter 3 and more realistic skycolurs and reflections and some better trees in wintertime!

SH3 Harbour mod v.2 (13.9 MB) -  By Christian P. Roesdahl. Reworked hires-textures for the Harbour in Silent Hunter 3. Almost all houses uses hires textures now. Worked on the industry-textures to make them more dirty. Included realistic water mod v. 1: Which is a mod that makes the water more realistic, which means that the water does not glow in the dark more! also worked on how the water changes when it's cloudy and in storm. Included tree mod v.1: I have painted some completely new trees from real-life photos, so the trees look more realistic, including some more realistic winter trees.

Wazoo's Nonograph Mod (404kb) - This mod will add a Nomograph to your Navigation map enabling you to instantly get speed results when you know distance and time or time when you know distance and speed or distance when you know time and speed! Big version

MiltaryMod Part 1   Part 2   Part 3  by Juju Grotjans   A series of mods for all cargo vessels in Silent Hunter III. The first part features hi-res textures that are used on any merchant ship -regardless of type- that carries external cargo. The second part features new hi-res textures for the C2 cargo ship. 

New textures for all deck cargo on merchant ships:
- Sherman tank
- Truck
- Hurricane II + crate
- wooden cargo crate
- Steel cargo container
- Oil drum

Wolfie's SH3 Tweak Pack (271kb) - This pak contains two programs for tweeking SH3. TweekSH3 makes changes to time compression, map settings and auto-identify of targets. TweekSUB makes changes to the torpedo loadout of any or all subs. Visit the WolfDen


 Sale999 Wake Mod 1.2 (6.67MB) - modded the Bowwaves and Aftwaves with more sharpness and colour!


Improved Smoke Mod for SH3, V 1.1 (85KB) By iambecomelife. Greater ripples and texture effects. Some low-end computers may experience unsatisfactory frame rates, especially in free camera mode while panning towards two or more burning vehicles.


Subsim Bonus Mods
Aces of the Deep Theme & Music Pack
Enhanced Sound Mod for Silent Hunter III


400m Depth Gauge Mod (2.52 MB) By Captain America. This mod was designed to compliment TimeTraveller's "Crush Depth Changer Tool" to allow the player to reach historical depths via the 2D interface and 3D interior. You can find more info here. WHAT IT CHANGES: - Replaces the 260m 2D interface deep depth gauge with a 400m one. - Replaces all 3D interior depth gauges (Command Room, Conning Tower and Radio Room) on all type VII and IX variants with a matching 400m one. The type II variants were left at default since their historical crush depths are less than 260m. Also, the XXI variants were not changed since they already include a 400m depth gauge in all 3D interiors.

T2 Torpedo Range Mod - Changes the range of the T2 from 1800m  to a more realistic 5000m. There is a backup of the original file if you need to restore it. By Clive Bradbury

Slidermax's Reference Docs (105 KB) - useful for all navigators. Features a compass and speed/distance chart.




Hi-res Flag Textures
for Silent Hunter III. (550 KB) Includes: 28 TGA flag textures for all nationalities present in Silent Hunter III. By Juju

SH3 Sonar Room Sound Mod (3.56 MB) by Clive Bradbury- This mod changes the ambient sound in the hydrophone station with more subtle background noise, which should make the tracking of contacts easier. It also includes a cargo ship sound file from a real vessel.

FULL VULNERABILITY MANUAL MOD (9.78 MB) - This mod is based on Augie's Merchant Vulnerability Mod for Silent Hunter III. I found it quite useful so I redid it including every ship in the book. I kept the color scheme and layout the same, but added a fourth color for ammo bunkers, and also added the renown value of each ship. Augie is, of course, given due credit in the information page of the installer. By Nemesis, April 2005

SH3 Mission Start Slash Screen (2.5 MB)- .tga version,  replaces the map.tga in the sh3/data/menu/loading directory.  By TeAcH



Uniform mod v1.2 (1.7MB) - It adds a more realistic insignia to the helmet deck/flack gunners wear and adds a little to the officers uniforms, plus a new button texture for the leather coats. By Gian

Torpedo Texture Tune-up - by Darkdrone.

Atlantic Wolf Emblem Mod - Adds a wolf logo to your sub. by Church

Moon Phases - Sun rise and set times for 1939 to 1945 by Andy Pratt Remember to adjust for time zone in regard to your position on the map - All times in the doc are UT GMT Zulu

Aces of the Deep Theme & Music Pack - Relive the classic subsim tunes! Converted into mp3 files by Distortion. (50.8MB)  Extract into Program Files/Ubisoft/Silent Hunter III/Data/Sound/gramophone
NOTE: Due to the size of this download (50.8 MB), the
Aces of the Deep Theme & Music Pack is one of the Subsim Bonus Mods.

Silent Hunter 2 Theme & Music Pack - Thrill your virtual crew with SH3's predecessor! Converted into mp3 files by Distortion. (8.4 MB)  Extract into Program Files/Ubisoft/Silent Hunter III/Data/Sound/gramophone

Flotilla Mod - This mod fixes some historical flaws with the game's flotilla listings. It also adds 2nd Flotilla as a 'starting' flotilla in 1939. By Beery

No Fatigue Mod - Vitamins for your crew. The goal with this mod is not to get rid of fatigue, but rather give your crew a little more stating power.

Augie64's English & Flag Recognition Mod V1.0
Renders the Recognition Manual cover in English with little flags, so even a Texan can tell what page he's on.

Augie's Merchant Vulnerability Mod for the Ship Recognition Manual Version 1.0 - highlights where to target the target for bigger booms and faster sinkings.

Silent Hunter III Voice Command v2.4 (55KB) - Give your orders the old fashioned way--by yelling and screaming! Shout Alarm! to crash dive, Go to Command room, Go to Map, Man the Deck gun, and over 100 more. The Shoot 1.6.4 Silent Hunter III Profile  is configured to work as a ‘hold to talk’ system. Shoot is a freeware voice recognition interface used to convert voice commands to key or macro output. The file is 212 kb, and is available here. By Cavalier889
v2.0 improvements include:

Open/close/fire/select specific torpedo tubes with one command
Voice command access to almost all of the officer's functions
Additional recognizable phrases for default commands
Raising/lowering periscopes is no longer timed, so other commands can be given while the scope is moving
Pause is no longer part of the time compression macro
Engine backing commands now match the in game sub telegraph
A grand total of 154 distinct functions.
Contains a new profile along with the regular 2.3 that will allow users of the dx9res10 library to use commands that are lost due to the action of the file.


How do I target ships manually? Where is the Hydrophone station? Why do some ships sink and others blow up? Check the Silent Hunter III Tactic & Tips section.


Readable Compass Mod by Ripbud. This mod makes the compass text a bit more readable. Suggested: back up your original image file just in case you don't like this one.
Install: Extact the included TGA file to the following directory:
C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\SilentHunterIII\data\Menu\Gui\Layout


NAVIGATION MAP COURSE SOLVER  By Captain America.  The process is quick and simple: To determine a contact's true course on the navigation map all you have to do is drag (left click and hold) the map so that the contact in question is placed in the center of the compass located in the lower right corner of the the exact course is revealed. I've included two images of the process as well. I highly recommend using the "360 Bearing Tool Mod" by Jace11 and the "Improved Map Drawing Tools" by Phapponen to complete your mapping needs. The combination of these mods should be enough to hold everyone over with regards to mapping tools until an official fix is released by UBI.


360 Degree Bearing Plotter for Navigation Map. Designed to help plotting contacts, courses, and interceptions on 100% realism. This tool rotates with your boat, but is only visible when zoomed in. The .zip file contains 4 folders. These are 3 different versions of the bearing tool and the default SHIII textures. by Jase


SH3 Low contrast recognition manual and improved map drawing tools Mod by Phapponen - complete set of Recognition Manual pages retextured to fit in with a dimly-lit U-boat control room. Unzip the exe. file to your SH3 directory, it should install the textures to the correct folders. (8.7MB)

U-boat hat emblems for SH3
It adds U-boat emblems to the garrison hats the crewmen sometimes spawn with, this does not modify the officers hats. For Subsim Review by Gian

SH3 Gramophone Tipperary Sound Pack (12.1MB)
Mp3 files for your SH3 record player. You can look in My Computer, Local Disk (C:) then Program Files, the Ubisoft, then Silent Hunter III, then Data, then Sound, and last gramophone. Just drag and drop them in there, then in the game click on the radioman for the phonograph icon.

It's A Long Way To Tipperary (English and Das Boot versions
U-Boote am Feind
Der erste Seelord
Torpedo Los
Uboat Lied
Engeland Lied
Marlene_Dietrich: Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuss auf Liebe eingestellt

How do I target ships manually? Where is the Hydrophone station? Why do some ships sink and others blow up? Check the Silent Hunter III Tactic & Tips section.

Beery Mods - Real Uboat mod

Silent Hunter III - Modzone - Custom mods for SH3 by Seeadler (Pacific Aces)

24th Flotilla - Premier Spanish SH2/SH3 website

SIMULACION NAVAL - Spanish language Naval Sim Website

Incognito-Soundworks for an Silent Hunter III soundpack.



Custom Missions

Wolfpack IV - Convoy left East Africa port headed South East. Primary targets are King George, Tankers & Ocean. Liners w/ air cover. Bismarck on intercept course. By  ConradJonson

Harbor Firestorm - You are the Captain of U-19 in the 30th Flotilla, Black Sea port of Constanza (use a Type IIA boat for greatest realism) and come under attack. Defend the harbor as per orders.  By Tanes

What-if Operation Torch Mission Pack - What could happen if Admiral Dönitz knew about the plans of Operation Torch? By Joachim Theising alias JoTheising

VALLETTA - U-179 - Three-part Norwegian invasion mission pack by FAdmiral

Random 8-Pack: 8 re-designed original single missions from SH3. Added random elements, tweaked weather and crew ratings and additional friendly\enemy units. These features will give the missions greater replay value as well as increased challenges. -Aviar

FAdmiral Mission Pack - 6 Newly-created Missions by FAdmiral for Silent Hunter 3 (all fictitious)

1. CURACAO - U-147 (IXB) with orders to attack the Port of Curacao in the Caribbean

2. PASSAGE - U-49 (VIIB) with orders to patrol off the Florida coast

3. STRAITS - U-46 (VIIB) with orders to patrol the English-Ireland strait

4. BREST - U-81 (VIIB) with orders to leave Brest on a raiding mission [friendlys included]

5. MERTHYR - U-55 (VIIC) with orders to attack the Port of Merthyr [50KM up river)

6. PORT MERTHYR - U-55 (VIIC) having arrived at the port without detection

Courage & Blood: Completely reworked 'Courageous' mission from SH3. Lots of action. Random starting locations for many units. Three versions included with increased difficulties. By Aviar

Ice Ice Baby:  Hunt down and attack a small British convoy sailing through a pack of icebergs. -Aviar

BBury's SH3 Co-ops: These are basic multiplayer missions of various dates, times and regions. Place these missions in separate folders under They are designed for 8 players but some have only 6 or 7.Have fun! By BBury


Official SH3 v1.4  Patch

New patches modify game data and in some cases, the saves that are made while in missions will not load properly. We highly recommend, before installing a patch, that “all the Captains should return to bases” or to load a previous in base save (after install) in order to avoid possible problems.

As with any patch, it is very likely to overwrite any mods you have installed. If you have made changes to any config files, you will most likely need to uninstall SH3 and reinstall before applying the v1.4 patch. Patching the game is best done on a fresh clean install. Saved games are retained, screenshots are not. Decide for yourself what and how to back up.

Silent Hunter III Patch v1.4

The [Retail DVD] patch is for those people who have installed Silent Hunter III from a DVD: silent_hunter_3_dvd_1.4_us

The [Digital Download] patch is for those people who have purchased and downloaded Silent Hunter III from the Internet: silent_hunter_3_download_1.4_us

The STEAM version of Silent Hunter III is already patched and ready.
In order to use GWX and other popular mods with the STEAM version, you will want the Steam fix patch.

Please ensure you install the relevant patch for your version of the game.


Silent Hunter III Patch v1.4

The [Retail DVD] patch is for those people who have installed Silent Hunter III from a DVD: silent_hunter_3_dvd_1.4_emea



This is the old Downloads section.
Be sure to also check the new Downloads section for your mod.





The version of the multiplayer game has been labeled as 1.4 and it is incompatible with previous versions (i.e. 1.0 or 1.1 or 1.2 or 1.3). Please ensure you only play against people who have the same version of game as you, as this will stop any problems or getting the message "Wrong game version" when attempting to play multiplayer games.

WARNING: New patches modify game data and in some cases, the saves that are made while in missions will not load properly. We highly recommend, before installing a patch, that “all the Captains should return to base” or to load a previous in base save (after install) in order to avoid possible problems.

v1.4 Changes and Additions

Campaign radio messages improved so that a message can have "from" and "to" fields Multiplayer version changed to 1.4. Fixed the bug concerning sonar ping for clients Added new buildings in German bases (harbors) UZO view by night was improved; Navigator tells when the last waypoint was reached; Customizable values for storm parameters for each U-Boat (see StormConditions entry for each uboat.cfg file); Depth report only when diving (from 10 to 10 meters); Time compression will drop to 1 (if greater) when critical depth was reached; Sonar new contacts are identified as merchants or warships (not as unknown contacts as in the previous patch); Sonar indicator will move faster when the player is at sonar station (and clicks on the sonar dial); and now it can be dragged with the mouse; Some shortcut keys will toggle between current view and the next view: radio messages (M), captain’s log (K), hydrophone station (H) and radio station (R); A new option was added on “Merchant/Warship/... spotted” popup window. By checking this check box (called “Set as default action”) the selected action will be always performed when the situation occurs. This default action will be saved from a game to other and can be reset, during the game (when press ESC) by choosing “Options/Reset default action” from Game options; Corrected several torpedo descriptions errors within the game Added the P38 fighter bomber to the inventory of American forces and the campaign Added the Wellington bomber to the inventory of British forces and the campaign Corrected the damage model for the German Armed Merchant Cruiser Increased the detonation range of star shells to 1800m Changed Torpedo Momber aircraft type designation to Bomber :) Improved the rough waters behavior of Small and Coastal Merchants Sonar man - Fixed a bug where "Report on nearest contact" was not function properly Sonar man - Fixed a bug where "Follow nearest contact" was not function properly Dynamic campaign - Add new harbor ships and traffic, including merchants, minefields and patrols Dynamic campaign - Corrected some data in the naval rooster





Spanish: Official 24th Flotilla translation of SH3 into Spanish. Packed in an installer for an easy installation. We will revise the translation anytime an official SH3 patch comes out, and release an update for the translation. You can download it from:

We recommend you to read carefully the installation instructions. This project was started by the Technical Support Officer for the 24th (Mac) and the Translations Officer (Mancuso). Without them, this project would have been different. The following guys have also participated in the project: Beltza, Silencioso, Quijote, Castorp, and Mix-Martes86.

Traducción oficial de SH3 al español por la 24ª Flotilla. Empaquetada en un instalador para una sencilla instalación. Revisaremos la traducción cada vez que aparezca un nuevo parche oficial de SH3, y publicaremos una actualización de la traducción. Puedes descargarla de:

Recomendamos que leais atentamente las instrucciones de instalación. Este proyecto fué creado por el Oficial de Soporte Técnico para la 24ª (Mac) y el Oficial de Traducciones (Mancuso). Los siguientes miembros también han participado en la traducción: Beltza, Silencioso, Quijote, Castorp, and Mix-Martes86.

Spanish TDC Tutorial - All the details and info you need to plot successful manual TDC attacks, in Spanish. By the 24th Flotilla

Traduction de Gamer008 v1.0 pour Silent Hunter III - English to French translation. This translation translates the menus, the single missions and multiplayer missions, the naval academy, the museum and the booklet of naval recognition. By Gamer008

French Translation Patch (1.3MB) - A fully integrated French translation patch for Silent Hunter 3. This translation patch doesn't replace the English or German files but add the French as a third language in the game options. Since this file isn't checked by patches installer and since every others files are news and have a distinctive names, this patch won't interfere with official patches and neither with other mods. By Tripartite Traduction Team

more to come!

Check out 's Silent Hunter III Tactics & Tips section


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This is the old Downloads section.
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