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Disclaimer  Most mods are compressed using WinZip. Some mods are packed using the .rar zip format. You can download the tool here. Some use the 7zip format, tool can be found here. All mods are scanned for viruses, you should check them too before installing.

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Silent Hunter 4  The latest, greatest subsim & stuff to make it even better!
Most mods are compressed using WinZip. Some mods are packed using the .rar zip format. You can download the tool here. Some use the 7zip format, tool can be found here. All mods are scanned for viruses, you should check them too before installing.

Small Radar Contacts Mod (3KB) - This mod reduces the large size of the radar contacts in the radar cathodic tube screen. The original texture was in 64x64, the new size, even when it is into a 64x64, has a size corresponding to 16x16 so the reduction is down to 1/4 of the stock size. Now you can clear see how much ships are into a large convoy. By  Redwine.

ParaB's Fewer Radio Contacts (JSGME-compatible version) (1.4KB) - This mod reduces the range of opportunity contacts to 400km (215 km) and the range of important contacts to 925km (500sm). This will provide you with much less overall radio contacts, and those you still receive will be nearer to your boat's actual position, but you will not be bombarded with radio messages for contacts too far away to prosecute.


MultiSH4 (280KB) - This is a utility that will change the folder name in My Documents that Silent Hunter 4 uses to save campaign and career information. It does this by patching a file in the game's root folder called FileManager.dll.  Stock SH4 is hard-coded to save this information in a folder called My Documents\SH4, but it may be desirable to be able to separate careers by saving them in different folders.  For example, you might want to have a stock SH4 1.2 installation for online play, a customised single player installation and perhaps even a mod development installation, each with their own career information.  The obvious benefit of this is that it prevents any possible confusion over which campaigns and careers belong to which installation.


2RTR US Periscope v1.1 (2.2MB) - I decided that the Periscope needed a rework. I scoured the net, all the books, and videos in my library for information and after comparing every piece of information found on the graticle pattern of the US periscope sight pictures, this is what I came up with. Now, working with the Challenger 2, has given me reasons to make the sight picture rather difficult to peer through. In combat conditions like that which we faced out in the gulf you very rarely have what you would like to call a "brilliant sight picture". Battlefield dispersion stops this from happening. Thus I made this one nice and realistic. By =2RTR= SOMNUS


Dark background for Recognition Manual (196KB) - Having problems using the recognition manual during night attacks? Chrall made us a darker version.


Pampanito Helm Bar (186KB) - This small modification replaces stock dial textures of the SH4 helm orders bar. The intent was to mimic the gauges found on the U.S.S. Pampanito, a WWII Balao Class submarine. by OakGroove

Extract the content of into your SHIV directory, acknowledge Overwriting existing (stock) files. Using manual installation; and go into your SHIV\Data\Menu\Gui\Layout folder. Donít forget to backup your original files, just in case.



JP Ship Dimension Fix 1.0 (75KB) - includes new cfg and sim files for Japanese  ships. Corrections were made to all dimensions, speed and mass. by Krupp

Example: I made a shooting range with the mission editor and put ships at 1000 meter distance with 90 AOB and 0 speed. Submarine wasn't moving either. Following ships have been tested with the original values (in data/sea/ship/cfg) and with those values that can be found from SH4 website and in printed manuals. Distance to target at 1000 meters, measured with the stadimeter to the mast top.

Ship-----game value ----- "Real "value
Taiyo ----343m -----------1000m
Asashio---772m -----------993m


This will add a new radio station to your Submarine Radio. Tune in to Frequency 30.0 and listen to News, Shows, Commercials and the latest Music out there. Not only this but Radio news bulletins will be broadcasted live as they happen, and that all through out this bloody war.

Simply use with JSGME or put the files manually in to the Sound Folder (I would not recommend this as it is tedious work )

The "LIVE" Radio news bulletins are 58 all together and spans from 1941-12-07 to 1945-08-06 (Mostly CBS, but also some other stuff) and are broadcasted they day they actually happened (times during the day may vary)

When there is no "LIVE" news a collection of 26 songs, shows and commercials will play, all from the era. (These songs etc can be changed to what ever you want, if you have other stuff you would like to listen to simply go to the "CBS NEWS" in the mod folder and replace the audio files to whatever you like) DISABLE THE MOD in JSGME before you do this!!! after you have replaced the audio files you can of course enable the mod again.

If you feel that you don't want to wait for the exact date to hear these news broad casts you can also copy the files over to

C:/ Program Files/Ubisoft/Silent Hunter 4 Wolves of the Pacific/Data/Sound/Radio/Washington

They will just play at random then...maybe a bit strange to hear about Hiroshima or Iwo Jima early 42. Creds to "tedhealy" for the method of writing the "Radio.ini"

Navmap Scrolling in v1.1 (123kb)  The mod is a fix to stop cursor scrolling in Navigation & Attack maps. For those who don't want to manually edit. it is JSGME ready to install, instructions supplied. By Reece


Mini-chronometer (166kb) by Chomu. I thought that the chronometer of stock was too large. Then, I made the chronometer of 75% size. Please refer to the following, when you edit manually.

menu_1024_768.ini The value of 'Zone' of [G29 I2] to [G29 I15] is made 75%. ex) original Zone= 412 768 312 300 0 1 0x29000000 1 0 0x29020000 -1 0 -300 0

change Zone= 412 768 234 225 0 1 0x29000000 1 0 0x29020000 -1 0 -300 0

Installation: My recommendation, use JSGME.

If you chose to manually install this BACK UP YOUR ORIGINAL DATA FIRST! then replace the "shp" files in C:/Program Files/Ubisoft/Silent Hunter 4 Wolves of the Pacific/Data/Submarine/NSS_Gato etc etc. You have to replace each "shp" file for each Submarine type.


jimimadrid's SH4 RED HUD (361kb) - Changes the HUD Interface with the brown gauges and displays to white with red borders to the buttons and gauges. Also changes the status icons of dead or wounded seaman for easier information about their status.


jimimadrid's SH4 BRASS HUD (361kb) - Changes the HUD Interface with the brown gauges and displays to white with brass borders to the buttons and gauges. Also changes the status icons of dead or wounded seaman for easier information about their status.



jimimadrid's SH4 Toolbar "Lamp" mod (756kb) - Changed HUD Lamp Color - green for depressed buttons, yellow for mouse over.

For other Silent Hunter 4 mods, check out the Subsim Mods Workshop!

Patch 1.4 is released

Tuesday 27.11.07

Installation - DOWNLOAD Patch 1.4  -  DOWNLOAD Patch 1.4

1. Uninstall SH4, then reinstall SH4. Do not play the game until applying the v1.4 patch.

2. Run v1.4 patch installation file.

3. Follow the instructions.

v1.4 Changes:

  • Rendering distance increased to 20km, with appropriate improvement for visual sensors capabilities

  • Dynamic loading of game units has been implemented, considerably improving loading times

  • Improvements to Water rendering

  • Improvements for enemy ships detection of steam torpedoes

  • Damage taken by hulls submarine is shown in the damage interface

  • Entries in Captainís Log are now limited for better performance

  • Screenshot names now contain the date they were taken on

  • End patrol ports are now displayed on the map

  • Objectives on the navigation now change color when completed


  • Destroyer/Submarine collisions always leading to the destroyer being sunk

  • Fix the periscope animation problem

  • Save & Load issues with the submarine crew

  • Magnetic/Contact Detonator switch now working properly

  • Improper display of the TBT interface for widescreen resolutions

  • Loss of torpedo aiming track when crossing the International Date Line

  • Deck gun Metric/Imperial system issues

  • Repeating objectives bug

  • Correct date when loading a save from career


v1.2 patch NEW FEATURES

1. Modified the game rendering to accept FSAA and fixed high resolution rendering.
2. Added "Volumetric Fog" as a stand alone option, no longer member of the "Environmental Effects".
3. Added a new sound volume option, "Radio Volume", that controls the Radio and Gramophone volume.


1. Tuned the submarines efficiency mechanics
2. Fixed the damage model for the Kinposan Maru/Medium Modern Split Superstructure Freighter
4. Tuned the malfunction rates for torpedoes. Mk 10 Torpedoes will be more reliable now, as per historical data. Go Sugar boats!
5. Improved the Periscope/TBT torpedo status panel by making only the currently loading tube blink, instead of all that are in the queue
6. Tuned the submarines damage model
7. Added a new tuning option for the radio news/music volume ratio

v1.2 patch  BUG FIXES

1. Fixed a sound volume issue where some sound volumes were ignored in the game.
2. Removed crashes in replay and multiplayer.
3. Fixed a bug where refit in friendly harbors would not refit the cannon ammunition.
4. The "Maintain Current Depth" command (letter 'A') crash was fixed.
5.Position Keeper for negative bearings fix.
6. Fixed a bug where explosions were played in the scene after a load or a replay even if the explosion took place a long time ago.
7. Fixed the 'invisible monolith' that, if looking at it, will greatly reduce FPS.
8. Fixed a bug where the difficulty settings of the game were ignored in multiplayer. The game now starts with the selected settings from the session page.
9. Fixed a bug where, sometimes, if pressing the Stadimeter button the game would crash.
10. Fixed a bug where, When hovering over highlatable objects in 3d career room, the texture would dissapear.
11. Fixed a bug where, when pressing SHIFT+F2 in any 2d page the game would crash.
12.Fixed the bug in adversarial where the Escort Commander could see your submarine on the navigation map even if the sub was underwater.
13. Fixed a bug where the name on the captain's watch appears to be "Stevens". Nah, just kidding :)
14. Fixed the SD Air Search radar so that it no longer detects ships.
Fixed the Torpedo drag model. Now high speed torpedoes will hit fine.

*   *   *

Changes in Patch v1.1

HARD DRIVE SPACE:  Windows will require additional free hard drive space for its operating system (virtual memory). If you encounter the following message in an error dialog: "Ran out of virtual memory", free up some more hard drive space.

To install Silent Hunter 4 - Wolves of the Pacific - Patch V 1.1 you will need approximately 200 MB free hard disk space for the full patch.

NEW FEATURES:  New in game voices. New stern and bow wave effects. Added End Game movies - available only for campaign end of war. Option to change the interface using Miles instead of KM. Night filters for interface. Added torpedo planes in the game. Added, medals, calendar, New papers, Hall Of fame and End campaign screens in Career Mode. Added a "death camera" Added the S-42 class to the game,

GAMEPLAY CHANGES: Patrol date is adapted to flotilla transfer date. Tuning in efficicency mechanics. Sensors tuning. Tuning in submarine structure. Added new orders in HUD. Improvements to subsystem, crew and torpedo management screens. Improved interface for rescue survivors interface. Added tooltips on interface. Added new Historical battles during campaign. Added more Harbor traffic. Added more "life" in frendly harbors. Added more special units to enemy harbors and locations. Added more abjectives in campaign. Improved AI for merchant. Corrected plane rosters for Japanese airbases and aircraft carriers. Made the Radar Station inaccessible when the Surface Search Radar is not present onboard.

BUG FIXES:  Menus tuning Removed the AI bugs from the game. End of War bug fixed. Removed bugs regarding save/load/replay. Removed Multiplayer connections bugs. Fixed randomly crashes during the game play, save and load.

JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler v1.5.0(.60)  (604KB) - Do you have a game that can be "modded"?  The Generic Mod Enabler takes most of the hassle out of installing and uninstalling mods from your game. It has been tested with European Air War, Panzer Elite, Silent Hunter III, Total War and various other games but should work with just about any moddable game.  README



SILENT HUNTER III Mods, missions, patches, cheats, files, sounds and tons of stuff for the U-boat subsim make it even better!

Subsim has hundreds of mods and files for SH3, so many, in fact, we have a special dedicated page for SH3 mods!




GWX 3.0 is here!

The Ultimate Silent Hunter III Supermod

The Grey Wolves team released their Magnum Opus, GWX 3.0. a comprehensive expansion mod for Silent Hunter III that replaces their earlier expansions and should keep Das Boot players very busy in 2009. The primary objective of this release has been to consolidate all official GWX files and fixes released to date for SH3.

Before today, for a full and correct GWX installation, you had to first download GWX 2.0, then download GWX 2.1, and finally download the fixes released by the dev team.

Now you can completely upgrade to GWX 3.0 in one EASY install.

Along with the well-crafted 600+ page manual, GWX 3.0 added a huge list of additions and tweaks, including DRAMATICALLY improved graphics, battleships, warships, planes, AI subs, merchants of every stripe, sound files, music, graphic fixes, dozens and dozens of new missions, and tons more. As GWX team leader Kpt Lehman remarked, "We started out as puppies digging in the garden... and well... we think we found China!" China indeed, if not the whole Asian continent. The importance of their work cannot be overstated, GWX simply anchored the massive popularity of Silent Hunter III as the best U-boat subsim ever, for many years to come.

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Battleship Chess

The next generation in naval combat games

The classic game of Battleship has grown up! Ships move, World War 1 submarines dive, and minesweepers sweep for mines. A simple upgrade system allows you to advance your ships as the game goes on. Choose from 5 periods in naval history as you fight single or multi-battle wars. All beautifully animated in 3D. For 1 to 2 players.

Check out the free Battleship Chess Demo



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On, beneath, and below the sea--real 3D ocean warfare!

Hotkeys List for Sonalystsí Dangerous Waters  by James Cobb
Available for purchase exclusively at

Custom Missions



Mods - Bill Nichol's fully stocked DW Mod section

more to come!

Check out 's Dangerous Waters Tactics & Tips section

Most mods are compressed using WinZip. Some mods are packed using the .rar zip format. You can download the tool here. Some use the 7zip format, tool can be found here. All mods are scanned for viruses, you should check them too before installing.

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More treasure and booty for your ship

Juha "Draksen" de Crey's Pirate Deluxe Upgrade v3.41(3.44MB) - a combo pack of impressive mods for POTC.

Mods included :
- Increase the Skill Cap to 40 ............ : by Lamu
- See Your Crew on Deck ............ : by Keemo
- Sail a Black Pirate Ship ............ : by Keemo
- Start as a French Corsair ............. : by Draksen
- Play Beyond the Main Quest ............ : by KFleshman
- Adjust Storm Frequency (-1/2) ............ : by Gideon25
- -50% stroms and -50% pirates .................: by Draksen
- +100% pirates and +100% pirates attacks .............. : by Draksen
- Get Rid of All the Undead ............ : by Keemo
- higher sea battle distance ............. : by Rafe-Bligh
- reduce pirates attacks ............ : by Gideon25
- increase max save-slot amount 20 to 40 ...........: by Draksen
- Invert Mouse Y-AXIS ....................: by Desticato
- Sound Pack 1.1 ............ : by Scumdog

Installation : unzip into a folder
run the INSTALLER.EXE file
Select the correct path (with a "\" at the end)

Example: C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Pirates of the Caribbean\

Enjoy ! comments :

Wraith's Sackable Fort Mod - It allows you to sack Oxbay and the other French colony.

Improved Cannon sound FX - by Scumdog (included in Juha de Crey's Pirate Upgrade above)

Scumdog's POTC map - complete with trade routes.


Check out 's Pirates of the Caribbean Tactics & Tips section

Add-ons, sounds, menus, mods, realism patches, & stuff to add appeal to SHII.




This is the old Downloads section.
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Destroyer Command  Take charge of a US tin can and scour the seas for U-boats. Mods, tweaks, missions, files, and improvements for Destroyer Command.




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Navy Field  is a Massively Multi Player Online Tactics game based on naval combat during WWII. Players earn game credits for ships and gain experience points for sailors as they engage in battles. NAVY FIELD offers training missions so that beginners can get the feel for commandeering ships and managing a crew before actually participating in larger scale battles. Four nations are represented in the game: the US, British, Japan, and Germany each with its own strengths and weaknesses. NAVY FIELD has 95 different types of warships including Frigates, Battle Cruisers, and Aircraft carriers and a total of 75 positions for sailors.

The massive naval battles that involve up to 128 players (64 vs. 64).






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Patch 1.08  (English)  DOWNLOAD
This setup will update any previous version of Sub Command to 1.08)

Installation: Double-click(Run) the self-extracting patch executable. Verify and correct the extract path if it is not correct. Click the Unzip button.

Modifications for Build 1.08

 Broadband: Fixed crash if a tracker was assigned to the Hull array in Narrowband and then the user switched to Broadband on subs without Hull array (ssn21, 688i).
-  Sound: Cleaned up various sound card related issues
-  Sound: Fixed the platform sound distortion that occurred when panning around a hooked platform in the 3D window.
-  Sound: The Options/Sound screen now displays an error message if Sub Command detects the absence of hardware 3D sound support in the sound card.
   One of two messages may display if there is a problem with the hardware 3D sound support
   1) "Attempt to detect 3D Hardware Sound Buffers failed."
   2) "Attempt to support 3D Sound in hardware failed."
   If either message appears, the problem may be the sound card does not have support for hardware-only 3D sound.
   If the sound card does have hardware 3D sound support, then verify that the sound card drivers are up to date.
   Sub Command will default to software-only 3D sound in either case and overall game performance may degrade as a result.
-  Fire Control: Fixed UUV not correctly using OS Depth preset
-  Fire Control: Fixed Narrow/Wide preset issue
- TMA:  Tracking multiple TMA contacts can be accomplished by pressing the "Enter Solution" button before selecting another track from the contact list box. If you leave the TMA screen, current tracking data for the displayed contact will be available when the TMA screen is revisited.
- TMA:  Fixed crash that involved this screen and usually TMA autocrew being ON.
- Mission Editor: Wrong entities were being given the Sonobouy tactic
  (Bear J vs. Bear F bug)
- Game: Fixed crash that pertains to missions containing aircraft with set launch times.
- Game: Towed array now deploys correctly at start of mission based on scenario file
- Game: Show Linked 3D land objects melting into landscape bug fixed
- Game: Added a keyboard shortcut to center the Rudder.  The default key is: <'>  (single quote character).
  It can be reassigned in the Options screen.
- Database: increased max depth of 65 cm torpedo to 1000 ft
- AI: Firing missiles now provokes better response from AI units
- AI: Torpedo evasion for AI platforms is improved
- AI: Contact mines/Influence mines now behave correctly
- Sonar: background noise for masts corrected
- Replay: Added the ability to save a replay to a different filename

MORE in the ReadMe


SC-HQ TACMAN (Sub Command HQ Multiplayer Tactical Manual): developed by TimmyG00 of Sub Command HQ with contributions from OptimusX, this manual covers all phases of sub-vs-sub ASW combat in Sub Command multiplayer matches. Once you've finished with the Sub Command Manual and taken your sub for a few solo dives, crack the TACMAN and start to REALLY hone your skills... against human players!

Topics Include:

SONAR: Passive, Active, Active Intercept, UUVs, Classification, SSP, Noise Reduction

TMA: the Line Of Sight (LOS) and how to recognize various LOS situations, TMA Operations, Using data from multiple sensors

Weapons Employment: Weapon types, Presets, Wire Guidance, Use of Salvos, Spread Angles, Clearing the Datum, ASW Missiles

Torpedo Evasion: Sub Command realism "quirks", Tracking weapons, Evasion Courses, Countermeasure Decoy employment

And numerous supplemental Appendices containing invaluable data needed for success in a multiplayer match.


Red Oktober's Sub Command Warpaints - Prepare to enjoy a new chapter in the ongoing Sub Command experience... the satisfaction of seeing your submarines, and some of the enemy's, dressed in new, almost photo realistic textures.  The new textures are all 16 bit as opposed to the original 8 bit textures. 




Here it is for public consumption. The Bluebook Combat Manual. Once a top secret Seawolves strategy guide, this comprehensive document accounts for a large percentage of Seawolf kills. Covers active and passive torpedo evasion, "Homer" plots, and advanced kill techniques. Download this blueprint for success now before they make me pull it. Written by Adm. R Blue.

DOWNLOAD the Jane's 688(I) Bluebook Combat Manual (75 KB)

Custom Missions

Silent Dolphins, an eight-mission dynamic campaign based on the novel, "Silent Service - Los Angeles Class" by H. Jay Riker, is now available! Silent Dolphins is built using SCX 1.2b and Sub Command patch 1.05. Download at Bill Nichol's website

Lone Wolf - by Ice

Cuban Deception - by Eric (Kennebec) Fox

Channel Hunt - Based on a real occasion on 21st Dec, 2001. By Te Kaha

 Hauraki Havoc Pack - Fiver mission campaign based on a conflict China and New Zealand. By Te Kaha

Dawn's Early Light  - by Bill "Metalizer" Swartz

Bill Nichols Mission Pack - Featuring the Bear Trilogy, We Dive at Dawn, Kilo or be Killed, and Chinese Takeout - By veteran subsim designer Bill "Madman" Nichols

Rough necks - by Benedict Kent. Chinese Fleet using oil rigs as resupply bases for subs. You have to find the right oil rig as there are 3 to scope out.    Dynamic groups and randomized

ANWAR - by Jeff Pattison. The Chinese are conducting eco-terrorism off the coast of Alaska in response to some misunderstanding. You and the Toledo have to stop them. Try not to kill any king crabs. Enemy force size and position variable.

FORMERLY FORMOSA: A Chinese surface group is conducting exercises in the vicinity of a similar Taiwanese exercise as a show of force in protest of the U.S. commitment to provide various naval assets to Taiwan. by TIMMY G

SC-HQ Mission pack #1 - Contains Attack on Philadelphia, Into the Breech, Fun in the Sun, and many more, plus two sets of cloned scenarios for multiplay. PAKISTAN SHUFFLE MISSION - 4 PLAYER MISSIONS and TURKISH BATHS MISSION - 3 PLAYER MISSIONS

Antarctica - two custom missions by Sniper'sLaww

Got some custom missions to add? Send them in!

Sub Command Doctrine Language Guide - The Sub Command Mission Editor contains a powerful feature which is not documented in the original SC manual: the Doctrine Language. - By TimmyG00


Sub Command Custom Mission Guide for Multiplay Scenarios
When you join up for a multiplayer game, you don't want to start with the knowledge of events clearly outlined for you. You don't want to begin a battle knowing George is north of you and Al is west, the noisy contact is a trawler, and the Russian DDG will come along in ten minutes. You want to begin with all the uncertainties of real life preserved in your head. Sonalysts did a great job engineering a marvelous Mission Editor and program procedures for Sub Command. With random start boxes, password-protected mission locks, varying degrees of probability of inclusion, and a myriad of units and environment conditions, you can script missions that never play the same way twice with relative ease.

The following guidelines will enhance the random elements and fog of war in Sub Command multiplay missions. They will also assist in ease of mission creation. The basic concept advocated here is to create a basic mission, then clone it several times, changing a few things in each version. They will have identical titles and briefings and binary file names, so most players will not readily recognize the mission before it starts. Indeed, if done according to this guideline, there is a very low recognition factor involved other than the general area of operations.


Got some custom missions to add? Send them in!



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Patch 1.06 Update

DOWNLOAD Sea Dogs Patch 1.06

* Fixed bug that prevented player to enter Highrock while completing pirate line

* Fixed bug that Jeremy McMellon gives a quest to sink English lineships near Dead Island two times.

* Fixed bug in pirate line that taking of the quest to capture Granda Avilia opens the island on map under pirate flag at once.

* Fixed bug in final dialogue with Nicolas Montferrat right after capture of Isle d'Orange in the pirate line.

* After reloading of saved game game music disappeared - fixed

* Fixed bug with anti-aliasing being disabled after successful boardings.

* Fixed bug that prevented player to complete quests if quest ship was taken as prize.


Upgrades to version 1.05 Some fixes are:


* Fixed several bugs in resource managment system

* Fixed bug with Maurikio Camentata's dialogue

* Fixed problem with Letters of Marque and nations

Patch 1.04 Update (included in the 1.05 patch)

Maximum available resolution set at 1280x1024
 Increased repair skill effectiveness.
Added an ability to invert mouse. Turn on in Options Menu under Controls.
Added option which allows you to select game difficulty when you begin a new game. This option is available in the Options menu under Game Settings. You do not need to hit Apply for the changes to take place.
 Option to auto-save game automatically each time you're leaving the town. Turn on/off in the Options menu under Game Settings. You do not need to hit Apply for the changes to take place.
Increased the distance an attacking ship will appear in random encounters.
Added blinking cursor in the ship name string on Status-Ship screen.
Raymond Ibelin was moved from Isle d'Orange to Shark Island.
 Changed some officers' skills.
Fixed bug with losing music and sound after successful boarding.
* Fixed bug with wrong date in save game screen. (June after July)
 Fixed bug with wrong logbook record about the place of the meeting with Damien Rotnie.
 Fixed bug with Adam Mullen payment.
 Fixed bug with linen delivery quest.
 Fixed bug with Beuve Hainault hiring.
 Fixed bug with "Armored Battleship" being shown as Armored.
 Fixed bug with enemy pursuing you from behind until he is destroyed without firing his cannons.



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V 1.55 Update

The main feature of this update is multiplayer improvement, so online community can use this update for championship. List of features:


  • Gun damage in multiplayer game is shown correctly both for client and server players
  • Multiplayer lag time shorten
  • Icons above ships are shown correctly in multiplayer game both for client and server players
  • Number of players on server in "Find Multiplayer Game" window is shown correctly

General improvements:

  • Game options settings work properly
  • 3D people on the deck option works correctly
  • some small fixes


Go to the Age of Sail II  Patch Page


Age of Sail II V 1.52

V1.52 includes the following improvements, added features, and tech support updates:

    • Smoke appears at the proper side
    • Reverse side damage corrected
    • Game options work correctly
    • Sails damage improved
    • Multiplayer game more stable
    • Client player drop off message updated
    • Splashes are visible both for host and client
    • Internet registration check box improved
    • Players quantity on server is shown correctly

    For all Age of Sail patches and enhancements.

Go to the Age of Sail II  Patch Page


Got some custom missions to add? Send them in!



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This patch includes all previous patches including the realism patch. This patch was requested by the online groups to minimize cheating during multiplayer games. The field "Disable3DScreenCompletely" will disable the player from accessing the 3D screen completely during online battles. It also stops a player from using hot keys after your sub has been killed. 

Players with this patch will only be able to multi-play against other people with
the patch. Players without the patch will not appear in the connection screen. Seawolves ini utility and Readme file included in the zip file. 

DOWNLOAD the 688 Realism/ V1.07 No 3D Cheat Patch - English (600KB)

DOWNLOAD the 688 Realism/ V1.07 No 3D Cheat Patch - French (600KB)

DOWNLOAD the 688 Realism/ V1.07 No 3D Cheat Patch - German (600KB)

V1.07 No 3D Cheat patch Readme file

Sign the FIX MY 688(I) PETITION and show your support!


This small, easy-to-use program will allow you to change the player name and sub name of your 688(I) player files. Created by M. "Doc" Peters.

DOWNLOAD the 688(I) Player Profile Editor


This is it! The highly sought-after program developed by Stuart Whelan with Jane's backing. SARDINE is an add-on to the 688(I) boxed mission editor. It gives you much greater control and creativity over designing custom missions. Using SARDINE, you can add time constraints, secondary objectives, SEAL and pilot recovery missions, and much more.

Download the SARDINE Custom Mission Utility


If you've been frustrated by the lack of features in the boxed mission editor for 688(I) Hunter/Killer by Janes/EA, check out this handy resource. As long as you're not too bothered by hexediting, this document is for you. With step-by-step instructions and demonstration missions to get you on track, you'll be building amazing missions in no time! Created by Mike Rosack (about 18K).

DOWNLOAD the 688(I) Custom Mission Resource File


More than one player has found the 688(I) Manual more elusive than the Victor III in the sim itself. In the Gold edition of 688(I), the manual is on the disk in an Acrobat format. If you cannot find it or simply wish to print a non-graphics version, the entire manual was formatted as a MS Word document and you can download it here. Presented by Troy Whigham.

DOWNLOAD the Jane's 688(I) User Manual (157 KB)


If you are  trying to run Jane's 688(I) on a Windows NT or 2K machine; or if you are running Win 95/98 and you get get the problem where going to a screen that contains 3D causes it to immediately go to the desktop; then you should try these RenderWare .dll files.  Provided by Tod Swain and Sonalysts. These files only affect 688, not other programs.

DOWNLOAD the Jane's 688(I) Custom .dll Files   (1.38 MB)



This utility harnesses the great sounds of Jane's 688(I) and adopts them for your ICQ program. Now when someone pings you, they really ping you!

   DOWNLOAD the Jane's 688(I) ICQ Sound Suite (642 KB)



Here it is for public consumption. The 688(I) Bluebook Combat Manual. Once a top secret Seawolves strategy guide, this comprehensive document accounts for a large percentage of Seawolf kills. Covers active and passive torpedo evasion, "Homer" plots, and advanced kill techniques. Download this blueprint for success now before they make me pull it. Written by Adm. R Blue.

DOWNLOAD the Jane's 688(I) Bluebook Combat Manual (75 KB)


JANE'S 688(I) Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ

This is the guide you've been looking for! Cover all single and campaign missions in detail. Tons of FAQ and details. By Kasey Chang

DOWNLOAD the Jane's 688(I)  Strategy Guide (37 KB)

688(I) Custom Missions

Extract into your Janes/688(I)/Scenario directory. Remember, if you must look at the mission in the editor (and spoil the spontaneity), don't SAVE when you exit or you could botch it. What makes a good custom mission? See the new Custom Mission Guide

  • Nato Strike Force -- This special edition of custom missions honors noteworthy 688 cyber skippers. Created with official EA assistance and the SARDINE editing utility, NSF features SEAL drops, recons, pilot pick-ups, and more of the tactical nightmares SSR missions are known for. Includes Night of the Jackal, Hot Run, and Raminson's Revenge. All tested. All tough!
  • Task Force BANJO -- Think a 688(I) custom mission can't be tough enough for ya, eh? Well, gird your loins and prepare for battle, skipper. Includes Escape From New York and Band on the Run. All tested.
  • Ice Pack Missions -- A collection of assorted objective-based missions, from 2 player co-op, to eight player FFA to single player variants. All tested. Includes the difficult Bab el Mandeb, Luzon Gap, Nuclear Wolf Pack, and Ice Pack Intercept.
  • SUBMARINE WARFARE DIVISION LIBRARY -- Over 200 custom missions from Bill Nichols and the VNC.
  • Seawolves Classics -- A large collection of varied scenarios collected from the Best of the Seawolves custom missions.
  • Cook Strait - By John Algar


Got some custom missions to add? Send them in!

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Upgrade/Patches: If you have the original Silent Hunter program with none of the Patrol (expansion) Disks, then you want these upgrades. They contain bug fixes and add features such as Photo Recon, Life Guard Duty, Red night lighting, Sub vs. Sub Combat, Radio Logbook, Enhanced Enemy Aircraft Attacks, Submarine Anti-Air Routine, Deception Option (Debris), Improved Ship ID Book, and more.

  • shv13 - To upgrade either V1.0, V1.01, V1.11 or V1.2 Silent Hunter to V1.3. (5.3 MB). Includes the newer version of theMAP1BASE.DAT file which is probably the source of the South Japan patrol zonecrashes some players have experienced. Thanks to Hawkfor this valuable service.

MAP1BASE.DAT files  - these files will fix the Northern and Southern Japan patrol zone crashes some players have experienced. This small file is for players who have already installed the v1.3 patch and may be having problems. Extract the two .DAT files into Silent Hunter's DATA folder.




Silent Hunter Custom Missions

extract into your Silent/Custom/ directory.


Got some custom missions to add? Send them in!

Silent Hunter Expansion Disks or "Patrol Disks"

After the general commercial success of Silent Hunter, SSI released an expansion disk named "Silent Hunter Patrol Disk".  Over a period of time, two other expansion disks followed, concluding with the Silent Hunter Commander's Edition which included SH and all three patrol disks. Here is a break down of the contents and enhancements each disk gave:

  • Patrol Disk 1 - Silent Hunter Patrol Disk 1 is an expansion disk coupled with an upgraded version (Version 1.1) of Silent Hunter. It added features such as Photo Recon, Life Guard Duty, Red night lighting, Sub vs. Sub Combat, Radio Logbook, Enhanced Enemy Aircraft Attacks, Submarine Anti-Air Routine, Deception Option (Debris), Hull creaking when deep, Improved Ship ID Book, Fifteen New Historical Scenarios. Two New Patrol Zones- Sulu Sea and Malaysia theater.


  • Patrol Disk 2 - Upgraded Silent Hunter to V1.2. Included the scenario editor; another 2 new patrol zones, Hong Kong and Vietnam (Indochina) and fifteen new historical scenarios


  • Patrol Disk 3 - Added 2 more patrol zones--Aleutian Islands and Java Sea-- and 15 more historical scenarios. This disk was only available by ordering online with SSI or SUBSIM Review.

Neither Silent Hunter nor none of the patrol disks are available retail any longer.
Check the SUBSIM Store for a copy of the Silent Hunter II.



This is the old Downloads section.
Be sure to also check the new Downloads section for your mod.




Silent Hunter Utilities

Looking for some neat extras to pump the bilges dry in Silent Hunter? Hawk's Utilities are the best on the Web! Go here to download the 

  • Target ID Book for Windows 
  • Historical Realism Patch
  • Campaign Boat Selector 
  • Merchant Ship Add-On 
  • Modified Gauges Panel 
  • Edit Rank Utility



Don't give up the ship trying to get Silent Hunter to run until you've tried this utility. Also has a Boot Disk for Great Naval Battles: North Atlantic and Great Naval Battles 2-5. It works great in most cases. Instructions included.

DOWNLOAD the Silent Hunter/GNB Boot Disk

More info about boot disks, what they are, how they work, and steps in creating one:



An html-based document that reproduces the manual from the Commander's Edition.

DOWNLOAD the Silent Hunter Scenario Editor Manual


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V1.2 Jane's Fleet Command Patch

This update will modify your original Jane's Fleet Command installation by adding many new features (some of which are listed below), and by fixing some issues some people have encountered when running Fleet Command.

New Features and Fixes

  • Sonobuoys reload.Aircraft that run out of sonobuoys are reloaded when they land.
  • Auto-engage options.Adds 2 new options to the "Game" options screen.
        1. "Ships Auto-engage Incoming Missiles"
        2. "Aircraft Auto-engage Hostiles".      Defaults to off.
  • Smart ID option.Adds another option to the "Game" options screen called "Auto-classify Unknown Air".This automatically ID's anything incoming at over 500kts as assumed hostile. Defaults to off.
  • Database and Doctrine checks in multiplayer added.Verifies that databases are the same between players at startup of a multiplayer game. Posts a warning to other players if doctrine files have been modified.
  • Version check in multiplayer added.Warns all players if any player is playing an older version.
  • Selectable aircraft loadouts.Right-clicking a specific aircraft in the flight deck dialog pops up a menu with up to 4 options:
        1. ASW (Anti-submarine Weapon)
        2. ASUW (Anti-Surface Unit Weapon)
        3. AAW (Anti-Air Weapon)
        4. Strike (Primarily Anti-Surface Unit Weapons but will also include Anti-Aircraft Weapons as well)
  • Adds the AIM-54 Phoenix AAAM (Advanced Air to Air Missile) missile.
  • Multiplayer chat dialog.Pops up a dialog box over the main game screen to enter multiplayer chat, rather than having to switch to the comms screen.
  • Adds ASW (Anti-submarine Weapon) rockets. The ability to target torpedoes has been added, which will allow users who added RBU (Raketnaya Bombometnaya Ustanovka) rockets to attack torpedoes

V1.2 Jane's Fleet Command Patch



Win2000 Installer Patch(English)

This version of the Windows NT Install Patch is designed to be used with the Classic version (version 1.2) of Jane's Fleet Command ONLY. It will NOT work properly with the original retail version of Fleet Command (version 1.0).


Much of the AI is determined by the language coding in the "DOCTRINES" files in the Fleet Command folder. Many slick players have begun experimenting with the doctrines files to make planes engage enemy ships after identifying, prod own ships to fire against incoming SAMs in self-defense, and other improvements to make the game much more playable. By Ron Hunt.

DOWNLOAD the Fleet Command Custom Doctrine Files (4 KB)

If you want to try your hand at tweaking the Doctrines files yourself, you will want to read the Doctrine Specs text file. It spells out how the doctrines work, priorities, expressions, syntax specs--everything you need to know to be a Fleet Command Master Hack! By Mike Kolar (Sonalysts).

DOWNLOAD the Fleet Command Doctrine Specs (4 KB)

Chinese Invasion - Big battle for the Middle Kingdom! Excellent mission. By Brandon Wanner


Got some custom missions to add? Send them in!


Dive into



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Fighting Steel looks great and plays even better. This latest patch enhances program stability, fixes close rangegunnery (under 2000 yards), adds 4 player multiplay, and makes it easier to hurt transports. It alsofixes the toolbar crash and several other bugs.

This patch replaces v1.01, 1.03 or any others. For more info, see the ReadMe files listed below. You must uninstall FS and reinstall fresh to use this patch.

DOWNLOAD the Fighting Steel Patch 1.1 Patch


Fighting Steel Custom Missions

Kriegsmarine Encyclopedia - Really detailed scenarios any skimmer could love.

Fighting Steel in the North Atlantic

Fighting Steel in the North Atlantic (FSNA) is a strategic campaign for Fighting Steel.
Similar to the campaign mode of GNBNA, it will allow to control task forces in the North Atlantic to either attack allied convoys or to prevent the German task forces to do so.
It is a separate program that will generate a scenario file for Fighting Steel when two task forces engage for a battle and launch Fighting Steel to play the battle.
When the battle has ended and Fighting Steel has been left, FSNA will continue the campaign.



Got some custom missions to add? Send them in!

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Upgrades to version  Upgrade available for MPEG ONLY (Version Expands support to include many other MPEG drivers, including Ace MPEG cards. Copy STEEL.EXE into the C:\MSTEEL directory. Delete any saved games (*.ssg files in the MSTEEL directory).

DOWNLOAD Silent Steel Upgrade

Silent Steel GERMAN VERSION patch. Download this patch into your steel subdirectory on your hard drive.

DOWNLOAD Silent Steel German Patch

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Pentium Fix:If you are having trouble with RSR running on your Pentium, try running this small DOS application in the folder where RSR resides.

DOWNLOAD Red Storm Rising Pentium Fix

Red Storm Rising command reference guide: All the loading options, key commands, and technical supplement.

DOWNLOAD Red Storm Rising   Reference Guide 

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Upgrade patch:     upgrades the original Version 1.0 to the more crash-resistant Version 1.01. I've had good results with it. Follow the instructions in the Readme file.

    Things fixed by the patch:

  • AI fix that corrects the problem with hostile ships being not being resuplied between missions. This also fixes a tendency to crash.
  • Soundset utility is now capable of selecting "No Device."
  • TLAM ripple launch does not cause infinite loop while voices are turned on.
  • Better Windows 95 (tm) stability.
  • Resupply added to Sea of Japan battleset.

DOWNLOAD Fast Attack Version 1.01 Upgrade

Fast Attack Deluxe Training Guide: A comprehensive guide and supplement manual. Covers tactics and techniques for scoring well in missions. Very thorough, a big plus for Fast Attack players. Conceived and written by "LittleFish"

DOWNLOAD the Fast Attack Deluxe Training Guide (4 KB)


Fast Attack Mission Time Limit Expander Finding two hour time limits to be a pain in the butt? John Channing has created a set of mission files that expands the time allowed to six hours.  
Download the Fast Attack Time Limit Expander. 



This is the old Downloads section.
Be sure to also check the new Downloads section for your mod.



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Aces of the Deep Record player tunes

That's right, with WinAmp you can listen to all your old favorites from AOD-- Tipperary, Blue Danube, Ride of the Valkerie, and the Aces Theme! Grab it here!

Get Win Amp free here


Aces of the Deep Crew suite  All the best reports from your crew!  "Incoming radio message, sir!"  is perfect for your e-mail program. (185 KB zip)

Upgrade to Version 1.2:This patch includes fixes and upgrades for both the original Aces of the Deep as well as the Expansion Disk. If you have the Command version, you don't need this upgrade. Read the readme file if you're not sure.

    What it does:

  • When saving a game, the number of deck gun rounds remaining will be correctly saved.
  • A gauge has been added showing amount of compressed air and water in the boat.
  • Torpedoes were vanishing from the torpedo loading screen; this was fixed.
  • The music for "Ride of the Valkyres" and "Tipperary" have been added.
  • Crash on reporting contact bug fixed.

DOWNLOAD Aces of the Deep Upgrade

Expansion Disk:Adds the popular Expansion Disk to Aces of the Deep. If you have the Command version, you don't need this upgrade. Click on the "readme first" file and print it, then download, aodexp.bat, and pkunzip.exe to a temporary directory.

    What it does:

  • Adds the Mediterranean Sea patrol zones. Six new Mediterranean Historical Missions available.
  • Gives the player manual control of the deck gun
  • Offers the Type XXI U-boat in the latter stages of the war. This boat did not see much service before the war finished, but it would have changed the Battle of the Atlantic. Six missions featuring the Type XXI U-boat.
  • At high levels of difficulty AOD will no longer display the tracks of torpedoes that have been fired.
  • The radar screen available on the Type XXI U-boat.
  • Two new torpedoes type for use with the Type XXI.

READ the AOD Expansion Disk Readme First text file
DOWNLOAD Aces of the Deep Expansion Disk (1.32MB)
DOWNLOAD Aces of the Deep Bat File (29 bytes)
DOWNLOAD PKUNZIP for this installation (28 kb).


Aces of the Deep Quick Reference card: All the commands for the AOD U-boat.

View/Print the AOD
Quick Reference card side 1
View/Print the AOD Quick Reference card side 2


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Patches/upgrades for the popular GNB sets.

  • GNB I
  • GNB II Patch
  • GNB IV Patch

    GREAT NAVAL BATTLES 4 Custom Mission

    • Operation Reinubung - Hunt for the Bismarck. 

      By May 1941, the Kriegsmarine was nearly starving Britain. But yet, Raeder was right. He had already lost the Panzerschiffe Graf Spee, the cruisers Blucher, Konigsburg, and Karlshrue, several destroyers, and his only two Battlecruisers were pinned in at Brest. Thus left only The Hipper, Prinz Eugen, Lutzow, Scheer, Nuremburg, Koln, Emden, and Leipzig as the heavy ships, Excluding the turn-of-the-century predreadnoughts Schleiswig Holstein and Schleisen. But on May 20, the brand new Battleship Bismark set sail for the Atlantic. The British had no choice but to...Sink the Bismarck!


    • Die Andere Z Plan Alternative

      By 1935 the German Navy, had worked out a Plan to build a huge Fleet of Battle ships, Aircraft Carriers, Cruisers and Destroyers. This Plan was Top Secret and where called the Z Plan. The Z Plan should to be completed until 1948, but by 1939  the German Army attacked Poland............ the rest is history. By Rainer


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Upgrade to Version 3:  The last upgrade available for this subsim.

    What it does:

  • The "s" key toggles on and off a special "extra-slow" speed.
  • The "l" (lower-case L) key spins the periscope 180 degrees.
  • You can restore the original historical data to your various Hall of Fame.

DOWNLOAD Silent Service II Upgrade

This keyboard guide has the ship ID needed to get straight to the main menu. Also has all the key commands for this classic subsim.

DOWNLOAD the Silent Service II Keyboard Guide


Dive into

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WOLFPACK Custom Missions:     extract into your Wolfcd/ directory.

  • Battle of the Atlantic -- An assortment of sub perspective, surface perspective, and duel player games to challenge your U-boat/convoy skills. Includes the Gibraltar and Scapa Flow missions.

Got some custom missions to add? Send them in!


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Four submarine wallpapers for your desktop. Features Silent Hunter, Grey Wolf, and two shots from Aces of the Deep.



Follow these subs down where mortal men fear to tread. Avengers of the deep!



Hunting in the ocean depths can be dangerous and deadly. Here are ten SUBSCENES that drive that point home.


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Having trouble getting that DOS subsim (Aces, Silent Hunter, Wolfpack, Seawolf SSN-21...)to run? Download this troubleshooting guide and rig for dive. Presented by Ken Hinds.

DOWNLOAD the DOS Config Files


Try this small boot disk maker for that hard-to-configure sim. Comes with ample guidelines and instructions, including settings for Aces of the Deep.





EndAll lets you terminate all non-essential programs for the purpose of installing new software, running finicky games, or writing to CD-Rs that need a big buffer. The essential system programs Explorer and Systray cannot be terminated. EndAll's main window presents a list of running processes. You can protect any process in the list from termination. You can shut down all unessential programs with a single click. Much faster and surer that the CRT-ALT-DEL method. Allows your game to run without interference from background programs. EndAll was written by Neil J. Rubenking.

DOWNLOAD the END ALL utility

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Should you have this quality sound card and older games give you trouble with sound, download this fact-packed manual and learn what tweaks are available. Guy Gardiner: "I found with my SB PCI 64 that I had to run an emulation set up utility in the SB software called apinit to get the DOS sound to run both in windows dos mode and at the dos prompt. I believe the SB live had a similar program."    

DOWNLOAD SoundBlaster PCI 64 Manual



A group of submarine-oriented icons, including the AOD, 688, and Grey Wolf icons. Put these in a folder and when you make a shortcut to you games, select Properties and browse to the icon folder. Be sure to set the file type window to "All files".


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A small but fun utility that allows you to input your ship's heading, bearing of target, and angle-on-the-bow then receive the target's heading. By Brian Danielson.


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Disclaimer: and associates take no responsibility for any of the mods or files on this or other pages. All mods are scanned for viruses before posting. Still, use at your own risk.

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