Trigger warning! Some U-Boats gonna die.

This game bleeds realism.

Destroyer: U-Boat Hunter brings a whole other side of the Battle of the Atlantic to life. After years of attacking convoys in a U-Boat, now it’s my job to protect them. And this game makes it very rewarding. The challenge of hunting down an elusive German submarine and not losing any of the vulnerable merchants is tense and enjoyable. You try to apply all your knowledge of U-Boat tactics keep them from getting into the convoy and wreaking havoc. Payback, Germany! While the game is not finished, it is completely playable and I have seen a lot of progress between builds.

The balance between historical accuracy and good gameplay is spot-on. This game bleeds realism. Between setting up and launching depth charges, working the sonar, plotting your course and not running into friendlies, directing your other escorts — there’s never a dull moment! If you have the skill to track and batter a U-boat with depth charges, they will have to surface and try to make a run for it — then you can light them up with flares and hammer them with your 5-inch guns.   ssvideo    


AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!