Official GWX Knight’s Cross Edition

It turned out that the stupid pandemic at least had a silver lining.

Official GWX Knight’s Cross Edition development is actively underway.

It has been a really long time since I have posted a thread like this, so I’m a little rusty. This is rather of exciting!

When all of us were forced to shut ourselves indoors due to our favorite pandemic, some interesting conversations happened, and I found myself rounding up a few of the old gang and and a few new hands to talk about putting the time standing still to good use… revisiting The Grey Wolves Project / GWX in an official capacity. In fact, our first meeting we referred to as “A Gathering of Wolves.”

A great deal of work was done! It turned out that the stupid “pandemic” at least had a silver lining. Though real life obligations necessitated another hiatus after a few months of heavy work on the project, I’m happy to tell you all, that a few of us have gone back to work and are looking at an awesome body of completed work, with a clear picture that a new official release is an eventuality, with the abilities we currently have in hand. Granted, the team is somewhat smaller now, and this thread may come as a surprise to a couple of them because frankly, I just couldn’t wait any more to at least tell you about it.

Adding to The Grey Wolves Expansion Project / GWX stable, the new official add-on will be titled:

The Grey Wolves Knight’s Cross edition or “GWX-KC” for short.

Naming it as such will also allow us to add further add-ons such as “Oak Leaves”, “Swords”, and “Diamonds” if we choose to in the far flung future.

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I can assure you that there will indeed be a release. We currently have in-hand, a body of work that could constitute a release, but we are still adding things to it, and some deep testing and very tedious, time consuming adjustments remain to be done. For the moment, the body of work doesn’t meet the standards that GWX is known for. In its current state though, I would describe it with confidence as being in a late alpha stage. Also, we’ve had some changes in team composition and our manpower is limited. That translates into some extended development and testing time. For the most part, the armies of experts that used to swarm here, have had the unmitigated GALL to move on to other pastures! (The nerve I tell ya!) We also know that you have lots of choices out there, but you’ll soon have our take on matters to choose from as well. Maybe you’ll think that GWX-KC is the shiniest toy in the box…. or maybe not. As always, it is up to you.

Just for starters GWX-KC will include:

  • A widescreen GUI tailored to be much more reminiscent of the original GWX GUI
  • A 20k environment compatible with reworked GWX sensors
  • Updated campaign filesets


….and much more.

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!