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Sea  Dogs


Sea Dogs  is part Role Playing Game, part sailing sim, and part adventure game. There's a lot going for it and it is quite challenging.

 Remember when sailing the open ocean, if you are attacked without option to ignore, simply hit ENTER as soon as the sea environment appears to get away and continue sailing.

If chasing a ship, try to stay in the blindspot so he can't bring his stern or broadsides cannons to bear on you without turning and losing his lead.

The Sea Map crash.  When in the Sea Map, if you are sailing to a port and something-- a battle or the end of a waypoint--stops your ship very close to the island, you can induce a crash by clicking on the Island's name in the menu. To avoid this, try clicking a waypoint on the map a little ways away from the island and after your ship moves away from the island a tad, then select the Island's name in the destination menu.

Build up some cash through trade runs, avoiding all conflicts  or by attacking only single class 6 ships, boarding them and getting all of their loot but not taking them (since you do not at present have a first mate).

Once you have a buildup of cash hire a master gunner and first mate. Avoid all encounters except solitary class 5 or 6 ships. Then always plan on boarding and taking them and selling them as prizes. Very soon you will have all the cash you need to continue with the game.

Before boarding a ship keep in mind that your dueling  performance is affected by how many men you have and how many the enemy captain has. 

You can make profit in trade by taking linen from Tendales to Highrock  or coffee from Highrock to Dead Island.

Not all pirates are in the brotherhood.

Once the fort is destroyed save and reload the game. The fort is back online, but the first hit will destroy it; every time its destroyed a portion of the garrison is killed.

When on a quest, do NOT capture a ship. If you do then the quest will not progress.

When in the last stages of the English career, you must be already a Spanish corsair when you talk to Lumbermill the  first time. Otherwise he won't speak with you later.

The Pirate career is the longest and most difficult.

You need an English LOM to complete Ordo's Quest.


Whether you're stuck and in need of a simple step to continue or you're the kind of player who likes a good guide to save time, Sailor Al's Sea Dogs Walkthroughs are the best. 


Introduction - The Man himself brings you up to speed on the how's and why's of the Sea Dogs Walkthroughs.

English Walkthrough - The game starts in the English island of Highrock. Take the guv'nor's Letter of Marque and sail under the Union Jack. 

Pirate Walkthrough - Too cool to sail for the civilized nations, eh? We like your style. Hoist up the Jolly Roger, matey, and let's sink some English!

Spanish Walkthrough - What brings someone to take on the allegiance of a hated nation? A desire for vindication? The desire to hunt for the individuals responsible for a crime (and not blaming the entire nation)? Perhaps a little too much rum?

French Walkthrough - Maybe it’s the idea of the wine, or the food, or the idea that like them, you think you’re better that anybody else (J ), but you’ve decided to head on out to Belflor to get yourself a French Letter of Marque!

Missing Pieces - Some quests fit in multiple campaigns, or are not in the ‘cricical path’.

Places and People - Who-boy, there's lots of folks in the Archipelago to keep up with. Sailor Al has sketches on all of them here.

The Cheats! - Any real guide to a computer game will have a section on cheats.

The Fifth Campaign - The Fifth Campaign is… that of a free trader at sea!

The Stores a guide to lucrative trading.

The Game Editor! - That’s right, mateys, there be an editor hidden in the game!


Lucky Jack's Trading Tools


There are really four primary components to this spreadsheet:

1. The Trading Profit Matrix;
2. The Ship's Log
3. Thar Be Dragons... The Sea Dogs Map (Sort of...)
4. Concerns about Macros and Updates. A high-powered app that will make your sea-journeys more profitable.

Download Lucky Jack's Trading Tools




Rage Pro and white textures

By pvyguitar: For those of you running a rage pro card, I had the exact same problem and I went to ATI's web site and downloaded the specialty driver that includes updated direct 3d support. It fixed the texture problem and everything runs fine except one annoying thing....on the sea, there are some annoying wavy lines in the water that are slightly distracting. They really aren't that bad and you probably will come to not notice them. It sure beats white textures! Here is the address:


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