Ropucha Repaint – Dangerous Waters

A quick repaint of the default Dangerous Waters Ropucha Class LST to give it more accurate colours.

Because this is the ‘default’ Ropucha repainted, it should work with all Mods, and also the ‘Vanilla’ version.

1. In the Graphics folder, place Ropuchapainting.bat, the .bmp files and CMPUTIL into your DW Graphics folder
2. Run Ropuchapainting.bat and you’re good to go!

**Backup Texture**
If you want to revert back to the default, textures are included in the ‘Backup’ folder. Just paste the files into your Graphics folder and run the .bat again.

**Legal Stuff**
I’m not responsible for any damage to your computer by downloading this file.

Anchor texture was ‘sampled’ from Wikipedia picture, ‘Russian large landing ship Kaliningrad in Cartagena’ by José María Casanova Colorado – Creative Commons License.


15 January 2023

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