Silent Hunter 1 Pack Project

My goal is

1/ to collect all stuff of each member of community (all users have not same files, some are missing, etc) : scenarios, mods, utilities, documentations, readme files, manuels, patches, images charts, etc

2/ then to class all files to eliminate double files (files that are exactly identical)

3/ Then to upload a large pack with this content for all players on Subsim

At this time, 974 scen files and 164 tools/utilities/mods files were collected after some days of research on the web and after contacts with SH players I think it’s a very little part of a more large iceberg : if some other players have these kind of files for Silent Hunter 1, please contact me : Even a single scenario or tool/utility file, doc file, etc can be greatly useful if it is missing in the pack !

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!