Dangerous Waters: How To Deal With “Instant Detection” Scenarios?


After a buncha years I’m back into the Dangerous Waters (with RA mod)
I’ve been playing the Russian Rebellion campaign and am in mission 4: Qingdao (IIRC)
Regardless which 688 I chose, I get insta-detected and fired upon from multiple sources.
The orders say to stay at least 12nm from land, yet the missions open with me well under that. In one of them a mere 5nm. Not to mention 3nm for a Chinese sub, which immediately fires upon me.
I mean …..
I freakin HATE IT when missions stick me, upon starting, in a position I would NEVER have allowed myself to get into had I planned and executed my own approach from further out. So annoying. lol

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!