Ukraine’s new attack submarine is like something out of Batman

An attack submarine that can sneak up on enemies and secretly place magnetic mines on warships has been developed and could help Ukraine fight Russia. The prototype of the Kronos stealth vehicle has been developed by UAE-based Highland Systems and engineers claim it can perform a full 180-degree turn at maximum speed.

They also say the vehicle ‘can neutralize all surface and underwater threats and in general defend itself from hostile aggressors’ and launch torpedo attacks. With that all in mind, the vessel bears an uncanny resemblance to the batboat from the Batman films. Batman uses the boat when he needs to travel on water and like the Kronos it can also become a submersible.

Kronos also has room for a pilot as well as well as ten special forces troops. Those on board have a maximum air supply of 36 hours and can dive to depths of 820 feet. Sea tests for the prototype have been ongoing for a year and a spokesperson for Highland Systems said: ‘It is ready and tested, and is now undergoing modernization and upgrades after results.

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