Wolfpack: Angle of bow analysis

I am quite inquisitive, and it turned out that the calculation is possible.
In other words, we need to convert radians to degrees.
The periscope uses a scale in degrees with divisions of 1 degree horizontally and 1/16 degrees vertically. From here you can deduce a little mathematics.
Without going into details, I found and checked the information that the range is calculated according to the formula “Apparent height / height in the risks of 1/16 degrees * 0.9168”. For a periscope with an x6 approximation, you need to multiply the result by 4.

But the range can not be considered, since the current version of the game has tables that are completely sufficient for a successful determination.

AoB can really be measured by eye, which after some experience is really not that difficult, and if you have a lot of time, then there is no problem in this. In addition, there are historical reference books with examples of ships from different angles, which actually led me to very accurate results.

However, I am the kind of person who wants accuracy, because with the help of RAOBF we could get it earlier. Now this is impossible, or due to a number of mathematical operations it is completely irrelevant – it can be calculated faster on a calculator, since we do not move from one device to another)
So – the AoB formula in the new realities looks like this: arcsin(apparent length / (apparent height/16) * actual height / actual length)
The arcsine is easily calculated using a calculator or tables if we want more historicity. The actual height and length of the target is taken from the directory and is calculated once. the height that can be raised is the only difficulty – since the number of units of measurement must be divided by 16, since the vertical scale is 1/16 of a degree.

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