UBOAT – Road to Full Release | Upcoming Content Teaser

We’re excited to announce that UBOAT is receiving a major audio update that will take your submarine simulation experience to the next level! The new voices will add more to the realism and depth to the game, bringing the characters and their stories to life.

We’ve hired additional actors for each language (English and German). We’ve incorporated a wealth of new dialogue, reactions to situations, private conversations, sailors’ reflections, and commands into the script. Generally, the crew will be much more talkative. We have improved the areas that received the most player complaints, bugs, and simplifications. For instance, the famous “Schneller! Schneller!” will no longer exist.  We’ve added specific speed change commands for each gear. The conversation with the officer in the port will also undergo changes, offering more variants depending on the specific situation and the stage of the campaign the player is on. Cutscenes from Headquarters have also received a voiceover – an officer commenting on the situation at the front.

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!