U-132 Game Diary

U132 left Lorient on Christmas day 1941

U132 a Type VIIC is currently on her first patrol on the east coast of the United States and is taking part in Operation drumbeat.
U132 left Lorient on Christmas day 1941 and took up station January 10th, we initially refueled from the supply ship Komet before turning south towards Charleston.
There wasn’t much around except two fishing boats which were promptly sunk by deck gun fire, two days later we came across a Cuban freighter and engaged her with one torpedo and gun fire she sank in 30 minuets.

Heading further south U132 came across two ships a freighter and a bulk carrier, so we decided to engage on the surface, we hit flank speed and started to engage the bulk carrier. While engaging we noticed a patrol craft heading for us so we switched to two torpedoes which promptly destroyed her. Still running on the surface I continued to engage the freighter and sent two more torpedoes after her only one hit.

Then things got a little worse for U132 we sustained a hit to the pressure hull and was forced to dive.

Flooding took us down a little too quick and we scraped bottom with the stern but we managed to pass under the freighter and regain periscope depth where i launched tube 5 into the freighter sinking her.

U132 escaped south and we are now heading towards Florida to see what the hunting is like down there.


AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!