Fall of the Rising Sun Ultimate – Full Release

Announcing 18th September, 2020

Version 1.24 of Fall of the Rising Sun Ultimate Edition mod

Note: This mod is for “Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific” v1.5 only – with Uboat Missions Add-on aka: “Gold Edition”

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(The really new) Includes v2 of the Shinano changes
Extras AddInModsPak now includes Vickers03’s Patch for Officer’s Country (for those of you with the old version of the mod)
Re-vamped Solomon’s campaign files
Corrected NL_C sil file image
(Old newest of the newest new) IJN Ship flags corrected…
(new) The Add-In Mods are still found in the Extras folder, but the folder name is now “AddInModsPak”. You, the player must copy them over to the MODS folder for their use.
(new) New sil file images and cfg file data from DanielCoffey for all but the BB (coming soon) – a man of true patience!
(new) Skin change on the Heian for its funnel.
(new) Two AddInModPaks modlets for AI alterations. Not part of the mod itself until further user testing and proably tweaking.
(new) The Narwhal had been crashing the game for some unknown reason. “Blanket” fix done on it, and seems OK – let us know!
(new) New flags flapping in the breeze on the ships. Let us know!
(new) The Shinano is back in the mod, though it is late to the show, and does one and only one run. Catch it before it completes its mission!
(Newest of the new) the “p” version of the mod has the patch incorporated into it DO NOT APPLY THE PATCH TO THIS!!!
Don’t forget to check vickers03’s Interiors page for his most recent update.
Special thanks to ETR3(SS) for above and beyond in the consulting department – a true gentleman.
With his help, we may have solved the SJ Radar issues in FotRSU mod. We are of course, not 100% certain, but close. We also are hopeful that the ST now functions as intended. As per Microsoft and Ubisoft practice, you folks are our guinea pigs, aka: CTD (Crash Test Dummies). We did quite a bit of testing, but of course, cannot cover everything for everywhere, so let us know when you find we may have made a boo-boo…
The deck gun issue at first blush seems much much better. Again, we need lots of experimentation from you, the players. All of the testing we try in our “luh-bore-ah-tories” (laboratories) will still not find all issues – witness what happens when cdrsubron7 starts his testing cycle… However, during our “lab” testing, we were able to swap the bow mounted gun for a stern mounted gun, and vice versa, whether the boat had an initial bow mount, or an initial stern mount. The submarine crewing screen seems to follow along properly. Again though, let us know how it does for you.
Along with that, you can change the gun prior to going on your first patrol. As has been reported in other SubSim postings over the years, when you crew the gun and then go to battle stations, they will not show at the gun. This can be rather disconcerting if you are counting on some action from them. We suspect that they are still at their old stations, in spite of the Captain’s Office screen showing otherwise. The way to get your gun crew to show at their proper station is to Save the game to a new name. Exit at least to the Main Menu, and then Load that Save. It is probably best to exit the game also, but on our test machines, we did not have to. After Loading the Save, your gun crew should now show at their Battle Stations positions.
New items to click on at the Tracking Table. One boat did give us trouble, and is not like the others… These changes would not be reflected in vickers03’s Interior mod, but are items basically of inconsequence. If you want to use the interior mod, use it. Use of it will not break anything in FotRSU, other than use more of the system’s RAM.
The “Extras” and “Support” folders have been re-worked again. JSGME_v2.60.zip is now found in the Extras folder of the Support folder structure. Of note is s7rikeback discovered an issue with a variable used in the TOC batch file in the root of the mod. That is now edited for Win10 conformity. See the “Version1.2Updates.txt” file for all of these items mentioned, but with more detail.
Numerous edits to the Campaign files, for clarity, typos, time constraints, etc – again. We did find more RGG (Random Generated Groups) that had multiple spawns in the same dock location per “layer”.
More new ships, other ships edited, others deleted, airplanes and Loadouts edited, etc.
The nation of Thailand has been added to the mod, and it is up to the player to remember which side they came into the conflict on… If you see some pretty flags, they might just shoot at you!

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!