Silent Depth 2: Pacific

You’ve been on patrol for multiple days when you see a fleet on the horizon. Your first instinct is to dive and engage, but it’s a clear day and one of the destroyers has spotted you. Now it’s a fight for survival, a naval game of cat and mouse. Avoid the depth charges whilst you fight back and strike when the enemy is at its most vulnerable, or switch to silent running and lose the enemy.

Silent Depth 2 is a sim lite game for those who want to put their foot in the door and understand the challenges of being a Submarine Commander. Much like “Silent Service” and other early submarine games, this game allows you to perform each of the important roles on the ship, from commanding torpedos, firing guns, navigating, and diving.

Key Features:
The entire Pacific Ocean is your battlefield.
Realistic water simulations for a truly immersive experience.
Day and night cycles, offering different challenges and opportunities.
Varied weather conditions can impair visibility, adding an extra layer of complexity.
Sink ships and fire upon ground targets to gain the upper hand.
Encounter and evade a variety of enemy fleets on war patrols.
A layered damage system that challenges players to react and survive when different ship systems become temporarily or permanently unavailable, forcing them to limp back to port.
Take control of torpedoes and guns to sink the enemy with precision.

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!