Nuke Missing Link II – Upgrade

NOTE: Requires the download and installation of the base mod “The Two Lives of the Wolf”. In this upgrade the bow of the submarine was improved,the configuration of the SDV was improved too and,as is usual in our latest deliveries,a “bonus track” was added.As always,any difficulty or doubt or criticism will be received and processed accordingly.I hope you enjoy it without problems.Greetings!!!. Marcelo

Historical context: “The Two Lives of the Wolf” USS SEAWOLF (SSN-575)

1st Epoch:The United States Navy’s 4,000-ton USS Nautilus was recognized as the world’s first operational-level nuclear submarine when it was commissioned in September 1954 with its S2W nuclear unit. Later work resulted in the remarkable USS Seawolf. The only major change was in the reactor (in this case the sodium-cooled SIR S2G, smaller than the water-cooled STR S2W).Other changes were in the sail and bow. A small conning tower was provided to keep the hull deeper to the depth of the periscope.Problems soon arose:the SIR reactor developed superheater leaks when the submarine went full power.Bypassing the superheater, Seawolf performed his “full power” test in February 1957 with reduced power. It was commisioned on March 1957.The Seawolf’s SIR was replaced by the STR reactor between 1958 and 1960.In 1963 he participated in the search for the USS Thersher (SSN-593) and in several Fleet operations.In May 1965,the submarine entered the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard to refuel and an extensive overhaul that lasted until September 1966.Subsequently, it participated in various operations of the Fleet training until January 1971,when he was converted to Special Operations Submarine at Mare Island Naval Shipyard,through work that lasted until 1973.

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