In a pigboat again! Training a periscope eye

I’m back roaming the Pacific! My old saved games are gone with a previous install and I had to fire up Windows again but there I am taking command of an S-boat.

I was planning on a fully realistic campaign with no map updates and maybe even restricting myself to 0-gyro angle shots to emulate the lack of a TDC…

My resolve didn’t survive the first encounter with a task force off Lingayen Gulf. I can’t manage to build a decent amount of situational awareness. I can be reasonably accurate with with my periscope ranges on a lone target from a fairly close distance but I’m not good enough to set up a good attack on a zigzagging taskforce.
I wonder if I could have more success in a u-boat. Still, any tactical tips on gathering information from afar, when ranging is really inaccurate? I feel I should switch to drawing on paper ang doing things really slowly but with the trips from homeport to patrol area I ended up smashing the TC button again.

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!