How to Steal a Submarine

Mr John Smith is an adopted son of a fabulously rich Lord but was ousted from the family when his father died. Having studied physics and hydrodynamics his passion was underwater travel and he was fascinated with the achievements of the Russians, in their development of the super-cavitation torpedo about 15 years previously, with a speed of 200 Knots. John wanted to develop his own torpedo and extend the technology to a Nuclear Submarine thereby producing a super-cavitation Submarine that could travel at incredibly high speeds. Mr John Smith joined the Royal Navy and did produce his high-speed torpedo. He was transferred to the United States Navy where he eventually qualified as a Submarine Captain. He continued with his design and eventually an agreement was arrived at, between the US and UK governments, to build this radical submarine under the guidance of John. The Submarine would be built in Philadelphia and intended for the Royal Navy. Nearing build completion John became disillusioned and missed the wealth he enjoyed during his younger years. He was offered an enormous amount of money, by an agent of a third-party country, to steal the submarine.

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