Gwen’s Arkmodel 1/48 scale RC Type VIIC build log

Radio controlled Arkmodel 1/48 scale Type VIIC U-boat.


This is the beginning of my thread for the build of my radio controlled Arkmodel 1/48 scale Type VIIC U-boat. I Purchased the kit for the sub on Amazon from Arkmodel (in China) for around $380. I had a Watertight Cylinder sub driver system custom built for me by Nautilus Drydocks (You know… “Bob Martin, the RC Sub Guy” on YouTube). The WTC system has a brushless drive motor with a gearbox to drive two counter-rotating propellers, servos for the forward and aft dive planes, rudder, and one extra output which I will probably use to open and close the bow cap doors for the torpedoes. I also have an automatic pitch control board which directly controls the aft dive planes automatically to keep the sub level at all times unless it receives an override from the transmitter to move the aft planes. And last but not least – I have a small emergency ballast blow tank that can be pressurized with canned airbrush propellant to do an emergency blow of the ballast tank in case I can’t get the sub to re-surface. The entire WTC system with motor, servos, and other subsystems cost me around $1100 total. Not cheap but I prefer to spend a little more to make sure I don’t lose my investment due to not being able to re-surface the boat.

The boat is 1.4 meters in overall length (55″) so I can barely stretch my arms far enough to touch the bow and stern at the same time. This is going to be a lot of fun! Unlike most sub model kits this one was specifically designed for RC use. It has all the flood vents pre-cut through the outer hull, and proper mount points for the control surfaces to function.

I just received my kit and WTC packages a few days ago and have started working on the build.

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