SH3 Mod: NYGM EH Version 2.2 is out!

NYGM remains a solid rock mod...THE solid rock mod


I’ve been playing all existing Silent Hunter series (3-4-5) for so many years, with all existing megamods available…They all have awesome stuff, and all have their down side. Some are very heavy to launch, others just won’t start ! Some are quite good but finally disappointing, depending what you are waiting for. As all existing megamods, NYGM is not perfect. But it remains a solid rock mod…THE solid rock mod! It’s certainly the most stable megamod I have ever played. Even when modding and trying plenty stuff, I never had one CTD, nor a save game corrupted!

Ships sinking mechanics and behavior are the third big point. It’s never the same. Depending where you hit them, sometime they burn sometime they don’t…sometime they sink very fast sometime they stay for hours…sometimes they instantly explode and break, sometime they suddenly explode after some burning time…and if you hit at the bow they will sink by the bow, if you hit at the stern they will sink by the stern…quite realistic.  Other NYGM big point is the Stiebler unique planes scripting, and the invisible « floating » plane  bases over Biscay Bay, to simulate the hard plane threat from mid 43. Very unique to NYGM !…and  efficient. Some planes won’t attack you (normal scripting behavior) while others will be very  dangerous…you’ll never know !  Not to say the huge merchant ships diversity with the IALB ships & MFM Improved  addition…scrolling through the ID Book gives a good idea.  Convoy multi zigzagging path (and speed change!) is also very unique to NYGM.

(Should be bunker save compatible)

– Had to delete the NKSS_Laker for compatibility with others ships
– Backed up the regular NKSS (but enhanced)
– Many adjustments
– Added the Sperrbrecher as harbor escort
– Added others ships missing
– Fixed the hydrophone sound bug
– Fixed the few non moving ships when spawned (like some British torpedo boats in AN55)

New environment highly modified and adapted for NYGM.
– High resolution U-Boats from Ccom12, modified for NYGM compatibility. Water spray &
splashes added from my previous mods.
– New nav map from Onealex mod.
– Latest DGUI Hardcore adapted for NYGM.
– Static crew inside from Toyota GWX mod & Diving Duck full interior, adapted for NYGM.
– 3D Sensors & textures from GWR2,2 and Onealex mod (as well as 3D model periscopes)
adapted for NYGM.
– Crew 3D model from WAC5,2 (some crew animation from Ccom12)
– U-Boats from TKSS18 Compilation & guns and weapons from Onealex mod.
– Distress flares has been added.
– Clouds layers from all existing SH3 megamods adapted for NYGM.
– Plenty things from my previous mods (Volumetric clouds etc…list is too long

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!