Destroyer: New Patch is live

A thorough readjustment of the U-boat underwater speed and maneuvering

New Patch is live
U-boat maneuvering and more…

Heyho everyone!

Upon hearing your feedback, we have made a thorough readjustment of the U-boat underwater speed and maneuvering. Following adjustments you will be able to find in the new version:

U-boat underwater speed averages at 4kn.
U-boats more often go into silent running at 2-3kn.
U-boats may achieve a maximum underwater speed of 6kn, although rarely and briefly.
U-boats dive to medium and deep more often, but due to lower U-boat speeds the hit probability has increased significantly.
Minimum turning radius for U-boat evasive maneuvers has been corrected.
Battles have been rebalanced to fit the new U-boat characteristics.
The number of ‘stealthy captain’ U-boats has increased to allow for more uncertainty and the need for better patrolling and sonar coverage.
We have also improved a wide variety of technical imperfections and applied a few fixes. The full list is available further below.

We are very thankful for all your input, as we believe the above changes are a huge improvement to the game. We also hope that those of you who were disappointed with their first experience will give Destroyer one more chance and will hopefully see that things are going in the right direction. If that is the case, we would be very thankful if you could let us know, either on the Steam forums or, even better, in your reviews. In any case, your feedback allows us to stay on the course, so we are very eager to know what you think.

Please rest assured, however, that the current game balance is not final, and that we will keep fine-tuning it according to your feedback, and in parallel with further evolution of the game. The next update will happen very soon and will introduce a new mission type: “Ambush” , along with further gameplay improvements.

Other improvements in this patch:
Longer missions possible in ‘custom mission’ mode (up to 10 hrs)
Fixed errors occurring whenever surfaced U-boats were eliminated with gunfire
Improved U-boat sinking reports, corrected info in the ‘contacts’ station
3D objects in ‘extras’ now allow for better viewing
radar aim corrected and should not get stuck to one target
searchlight corrected and should turn off as expected

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!