Crash Dive II: Aleutians Expansion Pack released!

New campaign, mission areas, ships, and more!
Expansion Pack includes:
• A four-mission campaign in the Aleutian Islands
• Two new mission areas
• New transport ship: Type 1TL Heavy Tanker
• New escort ship: Etorofu-Class Kaibokan
• New warship: Tone-Class Heavy Cruiser
• New plane: Nakajima E8N2 “Dave”
• New weather condition: Snow

Plus some other changes:
• Modding: Can now mod range at which “Enemy in Spotting Range” notifications are triggered
• Fixed warship catapults not rotating for subsequent plane launches
• Fixed modded radar creating blips even when destroyed
• Fixed locked torpedo fire button showing wrong reason for why torpedoes can’t be fired

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!