Wolfpack Escort update!

This is the latest work for the corevtte that will be featured in player vs player in the game Wolfpack! Fully unwrapped and textured. All I have is Fire Hydrants and Scramble nets with any […] Articles

U-132 Game Diary

U132 a Type VIIC is currently on her first patrol on the east coast of the United States and is taking part in Operation drumbeat. U132 left Lorient on Christmas day 1941 and took up […] Articles

1996 Fast Attack intro video

Fast Attack was released in the beginning of 1996 as a Los Angeles class attack sub simulation. There have been a few notable nuke subsims before Fast Attack–688 Attack Sub, Red Storm Rising, and Seawolf […] Articles

Hydrophone geek-out

For anyone interested in a rather technical paper on (primarily) German WW2 hydrophone tech, here’s a paper I stumbled across when looking into these gadgets. — Von Due Some hardly known aspects of the GHG, […]