SUBSIM 25th Anniversary – The Story of the Web’s #1 Sub & Naval Resource

What do you get when you cross a love for computers, submarines, and journalism? A submarine simulation website that strives to be the best and most informative on the web. On Jan. 26, 1997 one bored naval enthusiast collected a batch of online game reviews he had written for a newsgroup and some pictures of the Galveston WWII memorial submarine USS Cavalla, opened Notepad and slapped together some crude HTML, and the Deep Domain was launched. The game reviews were bunched as Neal’s Subsim Reviews, which eventually became Now, 20+ years later, Subsim can rightfully claim to be the biggest and most visited sub and naval game website online. Thanks. You made it happen by taking a few moments to read our reviews, post in the forums, and add our URL to your favorites.
The History of Subsim

1965 — 1970 – As a boy, Neal Stevens enjoyed reading about submarines and U-boats. His Uncle Frank had been at Pearl Harbor during the attack and served throughout the war in the Pacific on a destroyer. Neal’s favorite pre-computer games were Stratego, chess, Battleship, and Risk.

Get ready for a whole new level of realism!