2022 Will Be ‘Biggest Year Yet’ for Sea of Thieves, Preview Event Coming This Week

Rare’s pirate game Sea of Thieves had somewhat of a rough launch, but it’s enjoyed persistent popularity since then, with millions of players setting sail in its expansive open world. One of the reasons why Sea of Thieves has remained such a popular game is thanks to Rare’s continued support of the title, and it seems as though the updates won’t be slowing down this year, as Rare is saying 2022 will be “the biggest year yet for Sea of Thieves.”

Rare will pull the curtain back on the new Sea of Thieves updates that fans can expect from the game in 2022 on Thursday, January 27 at 6pm GMT, which translates to 10am PT/12pm CT/1pm ET. The Sea of Thieves 2022 preview event is promised to have some “surprises” in store for fans as it shows off what’s coming in the next season as well as what fans can expect from updates that are a bit further down the road.

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