SH3 Mod: Regia Marina – Soldati class destroyers – 2021 edition

Hi everyone!

I’m glad to release this new mod: Soldati class destroyers (Camicia Nera, Aviere, Artigliere, Geniere, Carabiniere, Fuciliere, Granatiere, Corazziere, Lanciere, Bersagliere, Alpino, Ascari, Mitragliere, Legionario, Corsaro, Bombardiere, Velite).

This is the eleventh of a series of units for Regia Marina, a major work who started after I’ve start a collaboration with flush deck, in order to “homogenize” various Italian warships I’ve released during a lot of years, and assure a standard quality level for all of them.

This unit can also split in two parts if torpedoed in some points.

Pack include a multiskin unit, with 17 different skins, one for every ship in the class.

As you can see, I’ve tried to improve units, adding 3D details like doors, portholes, cables, rails, stairs, liferafts, fixing small design flaws, taking care of “historically accurate” side, etc.

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!